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Is what if what is worried you the most related to our relationship and the last thirty days. What have you been the most grateful for. What are you most proud of. And will typically ask a question about goals related to the family and that is every month we do a little tiny version every week. That's a bit more. Tactical functional schedule oriented but that discussion of asking each other with a desire to go deep and a challenge to the other person. If they're being on the surface like the last part of the the best part of the last thirty days is just being with you. You can't get away with that you have to. It's y the questions are what they are. They force the extremes and something can be the worst and not be that bad right. It's just the worst and so we have done this every month. Since we met it has been a an incredible enabler to our relationship and then reverse engineered it to have a similar practice for my business. It was rooted in one on ones. That i already had with my team but my one on ones with my team got better as my check ins with. My husband became more refined and consistent. Is there a particular bit of feedback that you've received from your husband. That was hard for you that you'd be willing to share and completely understand if you you don't wanna do that. No no no there. Most of it hasn't been hard. But i want to think of one. That has been more emotional. I mean i remember after the second miscarriage and in our check in it became apparent that i had been acting as if it was much much worse for me than it was for him and not that he was saying. It was as hard or harder on him. It was just a parent. He made it clear that my processing was different than his processing and that he was much more devastated than i realized because he talked about when we asked the what's been the worst part of the last thirty days it was all he would talk about and he didn't say you've been belittling mike briefing right. He didn't say that it was apparent to me that his what was lasting right..

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