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They roost in the roof space they produce droppings urine and feces that fall into the church which creates a lot of mess and terrible smell wants the babies are born the babies fly around the church fly back into the roost then fly out to feed we do not want to remove the bats from the church to stop them entering the building with happy for them to continue to stay in the roof space we're hoping that that would stop the droppings falling into the church and stop them flying around so stop depositing urine and faces all over the church just to be clear the lawers it's currently stands and apologies for the mistake on on the wrist but the lord's that currently stands below you to do that as as it currently stands we need to get special licenses we we've actually been one of the pilot churches on the heritage lottery funded bats in churches partnership which consists of the representative from church of england historic england churches conservation trust and the bat conservation trust everyone has worked together we have now got a special new license that has been created to allow us to restrict the bats into the roof space continue to roost in the space but to keep them out of the to mention the bat conservation trust let's bring in the chief executive kit stone what does the law needs to be changed if sort of arrangements can be made of this what we were just hearing will we don't believe that the lord does to be changed we don't support that propose legislation we didn't think that that blanket approach takes into account the complexity of the different species of bats and also the conflicts architecture historic churches were added it will destroy vital habitats absolutely yes our populations in the uk have undergone significant declines over the past century revival of our native wildlife indicated healthy environment because they've lost that natural habitat have been a number of our species have been forced to.

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