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But verse NewsRadio K, K, traffic and weather together every ten minutes. Let's talk to Brian Noble's. Still a good drive on I eighty from Roseville. Nine minutes. There gets you to the cap cities. But once you're on the cap city freeway, the split to downtown is fourteen minutes. Looks like something is happening. Eastbound I eighty across the top town right around the area of Rayleigh boulevard. You got a report of a hit and run in that area. Don't have a lot of further. Details right now things so a backup that's working its way almost all the way back to Northgate. Now, very heavy traffic. Eastbound I eighty Ross the top maybe coming in from elk grove on. I five that's almost back to the limit fourteen minutes to downtown eighteen minutes to do it on highway ninety nine got a couple of accidents have MAC road ones in the Senate of the other ones on the right shoulder, though. Things are starting to move through there their little bit better looks like they may have gotten those lanes cleared fifty westbound from Folsom is at twenty six minute drive in now in the downtown area. Fifty westbound at sixteenth street got an accident there nets adding to the slowing making your way through downtown. If you're coming in from. Oakland on I five twenty six minutes in on the northbound side in the connector ramp to highway ninety nine northbound got an accident at a big rig car carriers involved. No one's injured. Everything's on the shoulder. Speeds senses aren't showing any slowing if you're coming in from David sixteen minutes. Cross the causeway into downtown also on the walnut grove area. Highway one sixty near the walnut grove bridge. Getting a report of a head on collision there ambulances responding. If you spot something on the road in front of you and wanna pass it along the KFI PK traffic tip line. Dial pound two fifty and say traffic. Your next report's eight ten on NewsRadio KFC K. Klerk.

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