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The high it's it's Ellen DeGeneres welcome to my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's GonNa be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy be listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. Natalie Portman discusses not wearing a diaper and a new movie. Beth bears and Whitney Cummings Co host the show and that it was a really fun day Randall Park loves. Bt 's case you didn't know it and he's not ashamed of AG finalist and incredible violinist eleven year old Tyler Butler Figueroa comes to visit us and viral party activists the Broschat and JT or they're they're stoked for the nation and they're fired up to meet Allan. They love the constitution. I'm Ed Glavin. I'm Andy Lasts ner. I'm Mary Connolly. I've and this is sixty minutes. Welcome welcome everybody. It is Thursday October third. If you're listening to this as its release nor could be any day whatever it is happy day to you how you you andy. I'm doing good really. Yeah Yeah Day four easier than three He. I'm just yeah I'm doing good and what we're talking about is me me quitting vaping choosing nicotine gum and occasional nicotine lozenge doing well. I have I have sat next next to Andy in this room for the entire time that we've been here and he has pretty much never not had a vape pen in his hand hand awhile late last four years like once in a while. He'll put it in his pocket for a minute but pretty much all day every day. The vape pen is in fan since vape pens have been available and he has had a pen in his hand and I've been wanting to stop for a while but Kevin kept saying why why it looks so cool uh-huh so cool in fact at one particularly grumpy moment in the last three days I believe Kevin said can't he just vape again. Kevin is so supportive around you when you're trying to quit something. Dr Phil says you don't quit in a habit replace it okay so don't go gambling. Oh God yes. Let's just go to well. I'm going to do it. That's nice so yes we continue to be so proud of Andy and and withdraws like not nothing nothing like it's a big deal and I would say I appreciate that. Oh it's a lot and he's been a little grumpy couldn't love him more through. Thank you and Nicotine Nicotine Nicotine. First of all to nicotine is the most addictive one of the most addictive drugs chemicals on this plan honestly and the second thing is Andy the part that kills you isn't the nicotine it's all the carcinogens that you're inhaling vaping and I don't there's carcinogens with his absolute. grumpiest can't really hold a candle to how grumpy I can get. Were Kevin Loses his temper. That's right when he gets angry. How's how's Laurie happy is. She's happy that I quit happy that he's not home right right now to work weekends. We're all trying to share time with Andy there. You go a lot of stuff to talk anyone. Would you like to start with Let's talk about Natalie Portman. Okay delightful actress won the Academy Black Swan One. I believe that's correct yes and like we should get department. Yeah we would've podcast needed research department. I get one for the show show and then we can help us with the politics sweet smart love Rim Long Island from Long Island wish beautiful beautiful beautiful tolls and we were lucky to have her around the time that it was announced that she is going to be the new thor lady. There's a lady door which is kind of cool that is not a big marvel SORTA. Kevin you tell us I just have never heard of or is it going to be his partner. Don't know great. We'll find out that by marriage or a sister. You know maybe maybe they start out not liking each other. They don't like each other and then he shows her his hammer. Yes and then she likes. I don't think so what could be could be you know here's one of the things I liked about Natalie Portman when she was on the show. She showed she showed a `Paparazzi photo. Oh of herself eating giant eating giant Perito and she was like you know they always get all these shots on the red carpet or they take shots at me here. They Take Jake shots me. There and I don't know who that person is. I don't recognize that person but this is Mrs me. This is me just like eating eating a Burrito so that's what's on your DVR is and you can check it out and she's in this movie called Lucy in the sky loosely based. I guess yes on a female astronaut right right who you could say she gets a little obsessed with a boyfriend and she or maybe he's an ex boyfriend at this point and she gets in her car. Yup and she drives. I believe from Houston Houston. I this is what I'm going to guarantee you. This is half right and she drives across the country to Florida to see him and made it kidnap him to confront him. I'm sure while she was on her way. She just wanted to see him and then when she got there she thought it would be a good idea to put them in the trunk. and she decides that she needs to get there urgently. She can't really afford to pull over and stop between Houston and Florida so what she does is. She puts a diaper on so as things happen while she's driving. She doesn't have to interrupt your train and and when this when this story broke a few years ago it was memorable memorable because they were she was an astronaut and like you just think of astronauts not sort of behaving this way and then the diaper was like a fact in the story that really really caught people's attention so she's making this movie loosely based on it. The screenwriter decided to leave the diaper part of the story out of the film bad idea and people do not stop asking Natalie Portman about why there's no. There's no diaper isn't isn't that a great question to answer but I heard the movies great so the movie supposed to be great. She's an amazing actress. Here is leaf Natalie. Portman is an Oscar winner. She isn't Oscar Oscar in Black Swan. Yes believe we just talked about that. A little while ago. During the best folded just pulled a black swan. Yeah Yeah folded. Im indie head sitting on Andy's couch. Today's maybe that's not the same since the knee. I really am not I'm half half a man but here's a clip of Ellen and Natalie Portman Chatting Lucy in the sky. This is a true story right. It's an inspired heard by it's inspired by the sort of astronaut triangle love triangle that we heard about in the tabloids but it's it's not really telling of those people it was kind of took that idea and said what happens when someone comes back from space and it has to adjust to life on earth yeah because I would imagine that would be tricky to come back and you know have this reality when you kind of have a different perspective. Have you ever wanted to go into space oh I would love to. I think it's the coolest really really. I actually had a weird thing in Montecito. Once we were going this is where we both reside sometimes and we we're going to Oliver's you know the Vegan restaurant is so good and then all of a sudden the sky like lit up and this craft was like lynching and I was like the aliens coming. This is is really happening and on the street everyone was just standing looking up and it was SPACEX was landing there shuttles at that air force base there. You had any minute that we had aliens aliens in Montecito. I mean I was kind of exciting. Yes you worked with Pignataro my pal. I really love her. She's wonderful. She was so funny funny because I had that wig that you saw lip and so she'd always be like it's like looking in a mirror. Every time you're walking towards the same cut not really astronaut hair. She's got the cool version. I've got the lake this Dorothy Hamill version. There's nothing wrong with that. First of all you should explain because the the the original original story was that this woman drove across country to kind of confront for her or kidnap depending on version well there was deaf in the car car that it appeared like kidnapping her boyfriend her boyfriend and his new girlfriend and she wore a diaper so that she didn't have to stop on the way and we didn't do that in the right and everyone's like where's the diaper yeah very lake. Everyone's really upset to not see the diaper bill. You could actually say I was wearing it. You just didn't see it so that ends a controversy. That's next time so good line. Just say you've learned. I'm wearing when right now good. That's you don't even know what's happening. Natalie Portman is wearing a diaper right. Now everybody news do you ever struggle with late leaks what poise pads now but that would be a good spot back you you. Y See this is why he's the funny Guy Mr Funny Funny Funny. How crazy is that. We have an adult diaper commercial missile and he ever struggle to find exciting foolproof recipes that fit your diet plus fresh ingredients to make them happen if I would say what my I single biggest struggle as it would be that but then it's no longer because I found a company called plate..

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