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Is that is the authentic dan campbell. He's not going to bite his tongue. He's gonna he's going to say what's on his mind and play respect that from a player perspective. That's all we want. We want guys to be authentic. And that's what dan campbell is no that no doubt about that. He's one hundred percent authentic. What he said detroit ever much to rebuilding side anything. We think they're going to be a playoff side. But interesting setup. Interesting coaching set-up. As well that dynamism of i guess positively around a franchise that has had a difficult time in recent years. Jared goff is is the player that really stands out for me at the moment because here he is a couple of years of from a super bowl and being one of the the the shining lights in the nfl again. He's a player on to written off. That suddenly gets bounced it out of la into a difficult situation. Where you on gough. Do you think he could surprise people with with a bounce back year. I think it's going to be a little. It's going to be a little rough. You know the detroit lions they you know. They lost like kenny gala. Day right on a free agency to to to the new york giants and this team is clearly. They're kind of in rebuild mode. But the one thing i'll say about jerry golfing and the detroit lions the shorelines gonna build is thing the right way. They got they got a bunch draft picks from that trade with matthew stafford. You saw this for the first pit. They directly kit. Out of oregon. The the officer tackle. They're gonna make sure office and line. It's right they will make sure jerry. Goff is protected. They can run the ball. And i think dan campbell. Simplest thing the right way to more questions for you before we let ego team that is going to surprise a lot of people this season that not enough people are talking about. I'm gonna say. The los angeles chargers the los angeles charges our team. That people should be talking about a lot. More about justin. Herbert had maybe the best rookie season from from From the quarterback position that we've seen they have a bunch of talent. I thought they knocked out apart as far as the drafting for. Abc addressing off the line which will probably the biggest weakness you know going into the off season they did a tremendous job addressing off of the line they have weapons on the outside canaan allen mike williams defensively they got one i think just from a talent perspective they got one best ross's defensively in the national football league their head coach bryan staley coast up the number one defense in the league last year with the los angeles rams so he's bringing that back then they're getting back derwin james this year german james is when he's healthy he's one of the best players in the league period and so i just think the loss rams mean los angeles charges our team that a lot of people should be talking more about love that pick and the flip side the team that you feel is baps over hyped going into the season wow team this over height is.

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