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Because I think he could fill in at along with Carl Lawson as maybe listening nickel passers behind a costume and give him some type of in flexibility off the edge because that's just as variable. They just don't have right now. And especially if loss coming off twenty yell a lot of questions with their pass rushing defensive line general in giving getting guideline Crosby who can win with his hands and also with athleticism. He's proven production proven that list is I think he's a guy that they definitely keep your eyes on. I like it. I'm going to stick with the the west coast, and this may not be a sleeper name to some because you know, if you're if you're mock draft fiend, you've probably seen this name mentioned to them a couple of times. I know you have mentioned him. I wanna give you credit John. You have mentioned him. I think it was all the way back. Maybe when you called in from the senior bowl. You may have mentioned this guy Chuma yoga, the the the offensive tackle from USC. I apologize stealing from you here. John. But when you started mentioning him, I had known him just from watching Pac twelve football in watching USC I had known him. And I I wasn't overly enamored with him just in general because the the US offensive line over the past in in twenty eighteen and really starting in twenty seventeen had really taken a step back in terms of what? What they've done what they were able to do in the run game in obviously Sam darnold not being there that that was in effect just on the offense overall. But. This kid who's probably going to be there in the third round. Maybe fourth round you can get them. If you're the Bengals, you know, upper middle parts of those rounds, potentially. And you may have an Anthony Collins plus type of player on a guy who has some versatility flexibility to play either tackle spot Samatha lettuces them and can be on a roster for while. I don't know that he will ever be a star player a starter. I don't know that that he will be a, you know, a tenure starter on team. But like an Anthony Collins, maybe even a bit more. He could be a guy that can start well for you in a pinch. He can starting and not just a game. But a handful of games if you need it, and he's got tools to develop ee has. Yes. Adult bulkin. I think the the knock on him is that he's he's very able in the pass protection game. But he needs to do a little bit. More in the run side of things, which is a polar opposite of some of the other guys. Bobby Hart, Alex Redman that the Bengals put out there on the right side of the line last year. But you know, if they decide to forgo a Cody Ford Jona Williams, you know, these guys at the pick eleven maybe even the top of the second round and they go maybe quarterback linebacker early. This could be guy. That's in discussion in the third round fourth round. I hate to say if you wanna give Bobby Hart a year to to to stick there at the right tackle spot. You can have this guy to develop if heart struggles, you can have this guy come off the bench and help you out. Right. Tackle like, I said he has a little flexibility for left tackle, right? Tackle versatility. I think and just just a seems like a one of those decent mid round picks that that could be on a team for for a while. And and help out a team, especially from a depth perspective. So again, not a household name, not necessarily an unfamiliar name. But one that just is not up not mentioned with the John Taylor's. The Joe Williams all those guys. So that's that's another guy for me. Okay. I'll finish it off since you with your school finish off with from my school love on all single the defensive line. I think defensive tackle is probably the position that we could see the Bengals taking somewhere in the Strath. Probably not if not. Oliver the first round maybe not even the second third through fifth round range..

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