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But that's how amazing figure ABRAHAM LINCOLN ones that and of course, that procedure was about the civil war and slavery. But I mean, I think what happened in the movie is they they used a smaller plot to get the third year pass and to show that politics in bargaining all sorts of things. Yeah. This is the time when we compromise was bad. But most importantly, Daniel Day-Lewis was just unbelievable. I mean when he first finally agreed to be Lincoln. It's feel-good hoped. He would be Lincoln for months and years actually, showing him various scripts, and he said, no when he farm and says, yes to Tony Kushner's scripts Stephen me, taken to Springfield to show him the scenes, but he was the birth that in the where he's where he married live the state house his office. But he didn't want anybody to know that he was already becoming Lincoln because he wanted to hold year to become Lincoln. He inhabits the character. So he was coming. We're supposed to eat under an assumed name. But at the last minute, he says, oh, no, let's go to a bar until he went to a bar in Springfield immediately. Somebody bought us drinks. And I thought oh my God. It's already over. But they didn't recognize him. They recognize me. It was a huge joke. So anyways of why would they not? He just becomes the character is a book like the person. So many premier happened back in New York. And he said, okay, I'm taking you to my favorite bar. Will remember that night in Springfield? So we had these old Cuban drinks. And you know, I had to he had maybe more than me everything was bombed. And then he got the first of his series of awards in Spielberg came to deliver to me sold told how he had be Jackie these roles these beautiful rejection letters until finally he said, yes. So you've got up there unaccountably because there's a Wall Street Journal report in the room. He said, I don't reject everything when Doris Kearns Goodwin asked me to go binge drinking with I accepted. So So I was. I was. That's fantastic. I always wanted to know. The things that I've read them Lincoln. It almost seemed like. I don't know how popular he was as president, of course, during the civil war and all of those things, but it seemed like he was wildly popular. Once he was a sassy. I know it sounds like an odd thing. But it almost seemed like a bottled up feeling for him was was able to be released because of that assassination. Something right about that. I mean, what what happened was of course, he's assassinated when the war has already come to so union had one slavery had been undone by the emancipation, proclamation and. And the war ended one. So he was already having an extraordinary triumph, and he was already tried to reconcile the south and the north together in that second inaugural when he talks about the state of slavery was shared by both sides both read the same bible broker pages. Saying God's neither prayers. We're fully answered. Then, of course, the words remember what malice toward none in charity for all. Let us find up the nation's wounds. So people realize by then between the Gettysburg address the second inaugural that he'd give given a meaning to the war with this beautiful language, and that the war had been one. And that he was the major figure with long with the union army and giving direction to the cabinet in the union army. But then when he died in when you really were hoping he would keep going and keep that chance of reconciling north and south together. I think you're right. It released these feelings that have been growing as I'm went by..

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