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I think look at some of the players they've acquired kareem martin alex ogle treaties linebackers you're good pass rushers i think the more versatility you have on the line and at linebacker for becher to play around with the better so you could be looking not necessarily at a guy like chubb who's more of a typical defensive end and a good one but it may be at kinda linebacker slash d n guys who can play in and outside like shaun evans mel obama might be like a second round or something along those lines where you give them to bet your and you let him play him wherever he wants you know and so you're three man front doesn't have to be is not gonna be the same three you know he's gonna mix and match so i don't think it necessary early points to job it definitely puts him in play and it puts in place potentially cause you know we're talking about trading down if you're looking at getting a quarterback or getting barclay you're probably not trading down too far still getting those guys but chug could be the type of player that you could trade down to say five with the broncos if they wanted to go up and get a quarterback and possibly still get depending on what happened with the browns at four so those are the things you're looking at chubb is in play but i agree with you i'm not just jumping on chubb to the giants here based on this i think beckham is a lot to do with it and until i hear otherwise giants are keenly interested in barclay and even though a lot of people think that's too high for a running back seems like across the board teams have been ranked and rated that highly show i i would be surprised if he fell too far so pack phil johnston gonna take barkley too yeah i mean i don't wanna i don't wanna make a prediction because you know i get it we got about a month put you would say the leader in the clubhouse right now like we're on the fourteenth toll playing eighteen and the giants would be barclay like one up on one of the quarterbacks.

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