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And I found that a struggle, I'm sure like some of my reports don't get as much time as they need to like, help them grow, but I think they still do a really good job. But in general, the like whenever had to go through performance reviews or God forbid employees sort of needs to be better. Like those are like the worst situations for me. I just I like I don't like that conflict. I've gotten better about dealing with that. I think I think I'm fairly good at it. He says, but I still don't enjoy it. Is. But the next big question for you is, is what you fear most as the Linke you know, obviously you're in the role you are, you know what you've done in terms of inter capital raising, you know the milestones, you know the next mouse and you have to get to to raise more money if if you decide to or event to become self sufficient, as we talked about. I don't even know where to plant this question, but you may know because you'll just probably instinctively have a place to plan it, but what is your biggest fear CO today tomorrow year from now? Where do you place this this question? Yeah, I'll think about every day is sort of not losing. Like I say, you have a reason to show up to work and mine is always to like, be the best with whatever we decide to do. And so my fear would just be like, you know, we build new products or something. We just like we can't win against the competition. 'cause then like what we are businesses going to succeed at that point. And I think about that in every little thing we do like, how do we make sure this is the best version of it? Like, how do we make sure like we, we literally measure ourselves by how we stack up against all of our competitors. And that's like sort of people in our direct space, which is like air tracking which we perform exceedingly well against like, we, we generally don't lose against a competitor anymore in that space. So we consider ourselves doing great there, right? That's how we measure it. And then we sort of. Measure future against the wider like like application monitoring space, which is like New Relic and whatnot, and we actually lose quite often if like we're going up against New Relic and you know they already relic, right? They'd be like, well route, sort of does what you do to, why should we pay for you, even though it's a completely different product. And that to me is like we have to get over that hurdle. And when I think most about and I, it's not like a serious here, but it's the thing that I think most about in biggest risk I think is like we have to be able to get past that hurdle, but I'm like, you know, going back to being very naive. I'm very confident to some that to degree of arrogance that like these are not that hard to pass. It doesn't mean I know the easiest way to get there, but I certainly believe we can do it, but that that is where a lot of my my thought process goes into that can I can air again's or maybe even somebody thinking they're against, because when I do any of these things like Instagram or string funders. Hours or skills like one of my top skills like visionary and selfish, always always in the top two, either flip or they're always in the top two. So for me, I kind of maybe placed on us. Well, it seems because you see very visionary seem for yourself Issur. That's not really arrogance that just just confidence. You know, I need to have that. Uh-huh. I think earlier in my career was arrogance and much more these days. It's it's, I'm sure we can go a little deeper on some of these subjects. Let's close the show like this. What's the everything super-secret that's not out there. No one knows about it. It's coming up. Maybe you can tease it drop landing page, whatever. I don't. I don't know what you got, but is there anything happening in the near future Cintra so goal focused that we can t up today? You're for the listeners either as a CEO as the business or or new product? Yeah, up on product is ultimately, that's all I care about. So interesting..

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