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Blending five Jay full nineteen you they are here so. A lot of things are being blamed for nineteen interesting things. They've had been campaigns about five G. Anti Vaccination Taivon between issues one particular campaign of protests, Machos. Yes. Speeches and things in Melbourne was saying that five G. is causing ivars kind of nineteen. The next speaker said, Kinda Dante didn't exist. It's really. Slots. Like obviously caught. That it didn't matter. 'cause you think onto, they have a multitude of of climbs which. Thing contradictory and that don't don't even really and the other issue is, of course, a drags an old the people who are anti anti that the government conspiracy people the anti vaccination people you'll find that at a five jay practice much. It'll be a lot of other people coach telling on each other stayed on each other with a sense of paranoia and conspiracy. Feel strong which makes them feel that they cause more justified. That's minimum from Australian skeptics. And that's Now. space-time is broadcast on science own radio by the National Science Foundation in Washington DC and through birth I, heart radio and tune in radio or you can subscribe and download. Space Time is a free podcast through apple stitcher. BITES DOT COM. PUCCA CAST soundcloud spotify. Youtube. audio boom pub Beim, android cashbox from space time with Stewart. Gary Dot com off from your favorite download podcast provider. You can help support the show and the work we do by visiting the Space Time online shop and grabbing yourself a few goodies or by becoming a space time Patriot, which gives you access to commercial free double episode versions of the show as well as Burns audio content and other awards. Just go to a patriarch page through Space Time with Stewart Gary Dot Com for all the details. If you want more space time check out our blog where you'll find all the stuff. We couldn't fit in the show as well as loads of images, news stories, videos, and things on the web I find interesting or amusing just go to space time with Stewart Gary Dot, Tamla Dot com that's all one word and in lower case, and that's tumbler without the aid. It can also follow us through at Stewart Gary on twitter at space, time with Stewart Gary on instagram through. Space Time Youtube, channel on facebook just go to www dot facebook dot com slash space time with Stewart Gary space-time is brought to you in collaboration with Australian sky and Telescope magazine, Your Window on the Universe You've been listening to space time with Stewart Gary. This has been another quality podcast production from bites. Dot Com..

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