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I know at the trash and they're just trying to be offensive for the sake of being offensive anna but assignment knowing knowing it's interesting because john waters. Yeah that's what. I can't wait for is to talk about shiva baby and again in a couple of weeks yeah. Let's do that. John waters knowing who he is now and then seeing the movie. In retrospect monkey a different appreciation for. I don't know people who thought they had no idea. Who's this john waters character was movie in a vacuum. Or you wanna gamble on free guy for next week. A poor chart for two weeks around the port chicken. Is i think you for your hard work. I should've give heads out. But you're once again on top of things so abbas gamble on was obviously the suicide esau. I would've guessed. I would guess probably ninety nine to ninety one. Vivo comes out to. I should let you know on netflix. Comes out this week of friday as this one's released actually Which is a musical kid. Family friendly comedy animation with manual stamp on it with music. Oh glenn lin-manuel than noel miranda. Yes manuel manuel manuel. Manuel linneman wilmer and things What do you think of free guy in summer. Yeah you do okay as do i. Okay yeah hold on is right. Let me ask you a question. How excited are you about this. Movie is number it was on. It's the first ever movie onto some reviews for me. Now you pray at the altar has been hard for you not to check in to see what the scores or at least i never check i. I'm pure to our game buddy. I never check him. I mean i was told the suicide squad score no actually on the corolla show. He's like was around tomatoes on suicide squad. Make he's like look it up. I'm like i couldn't really get into it and my want to. But i'd looked it up ninety six. Okay i got a number right on three yup one to eighty five eighty eight and i bet there's no score you. How'd you do higher than me. Like a very very self-referential movie. Wow eighty eight it. There's no score. I i can tell free guy is. It's one of these movies. That i see it on the horizon. I know ever it. I know is not made for me directed by shawn levy. Does it leave your levy real steal. Don't tell me love real steel. All right let's get. No reviews is very early very early. Face ludwig van bacon. We appreciate your contribution to the year Oh is this this on god or whatever the add swirl swirling issue or what do you have been bacon mask on your on. Your putty wasn't gonna ask Yes i. I'm not looking at it right now brian. So you always do this It's not like the days when logan throws your frozen. Yeah i'm the. I'm the white walker. Yeah it's i think it's on my on my now because baby bald personnels hair hold on. Hold on let me let me open it. Up a mass. Oh no as frank booth. Oh i got frank booth of a blue velvet on my on. My hoodie and brian is wearing a. He's all summer it out and he's wearing a shirt and he's gone optimus prime all over it in flower for. That's good lou. Van bacon very very talented artists. He makes a living Who through his art you'll say and You can you can find more work. I will link of think of it not too drunk by the time i post us. I will link to His webpage cheers uber. Hey joy your trip offer a we we. We prerecorded an episode. Oh good line is top. Five ra comedic grants. This is very size. You might think. Oh the prerecorded it's solid we've clipped so we have rants areas. We laughed throughout. Yeah it was. It was a good episode. Thank you very much bryan. Macaulay for giving us a sawyer allowing us to dive deep into all the various laughs in movies We could do that list again to we get update. Sure yeah a good one brian. Thanks for the whiskey to some great choices. Four out of five in you. The fourth one was still pretty good But i really like a lot of those and whistle pig. Oh one of my favorites big circus out patriot. Bill on wall check us on facebook or twitter vaults anderson ryan dot com the website where you can find out of the kids there official artist this week. Check them out and full disclosure. I'm not sure advocate was the same advocate from last. Sounds very different than the advocate. That i played last episode interesting different advocate. I don't wow. We have multiple advocate. Let's the film facebook and twitter. I mentioned that anderson and brian is the instagram handle brian. Mcaulay thank you very much for wonderful topic and for a good top. Five and the whiskey and beer for anderson awesome stuff man. Thank you thanks for patriot listeners also thanks gio of course as always thanks for coordinating gambling. Buddy we appreciate it jordan wolf mitch burns and of course my call for all your help. We appreciate you guys contributions and it's election and huh..

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