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Welcome back. L Rushbone cutting edge. Great to have you witnessed grabs Ave Maria. This is the turtle Mitch McConnell. The Senate majority leader this morning on the Senate floor always saying is a meltdown. Absolute Belleville, an inability to accept the bottom line conclusion on Russian interference from the special counsel report, which said the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government, and it's election and activities can exhaustive investigation and nothing who established offensive full conspiracy theory that democratic politicians and TV talking heads had treated like a foregone conclusion canal told everyone there'd been a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign yet on the central question special counsel, finding is clear case. Closed case closed. You know, there's a message there. Speaker Pelosi don't bring your impeachment trial over here because it ain't gonna happen. But remember sucker Pelosi? If you missed the first hour Pelosi is out there saying that she's warning her Democrats not to fall for this trick that Trump is playing on Trump is Golding them into trying to impeach him. Because he needs to solidify his base, and she's warning her peeps. Do not vote for this. Madam speaker Trump's base already solidified more solidified than any base you've ever seen her had. And it doesn't need to be solidified further. But I mean this. Don't let get away with it. He's goading us is us into impeach him. As though they're powerless. There is I want to Eric couple soundbites Devon newness. We all Devon notices a member, congressman, California. He ran the house. See I get these committees confused. It's the committee that pencil heads. Now. The chairman of he ran it when the Republicans had the majority in Devon newness single handedly. Is the person who exposed for once and all that the dossier is all they ever had on Donald Trump. It's the only thing they used at the Pfizer court to get their warrants. If all they ever had it was Devon newness who enabled all the rest of us to say with great confidence than Muller was appointed. And shows up at his office and asks Komi for the investigative file and opens it and there's nothing in it. They never had a shred of evidence on any of this. And it's Devon newness and his dog in pursuit which has revealed us, and he has been desperately trying to get Rosenstein and Trump to declassify all the documents. That would finally spell out. How all of this began. He was on FOX Sunday morning. Features futures with Maria Barsha Romo. And I've got a couple of soundbites I want you to hear. She said you send a letter late Friday to the heads of the FBI, the DOJ NSA CIA, tell us about this letter that we spend thirty plus million dollars on this as taxpayers, and they can't even tell us who Joseph myths it is. So we're getting to the bottom of this. So we believe he has ties to the State Department actually, our State Department had him in the United States capitol in two thousand seventeen and remember why is it so important because molar the molar dossier team, they essentially make this guy out to be a Russian asset under the control of Putin said that he has ties to these Russians sound familiar. So this is the original nation of this investigation. And it seems like miss it has all awful lot of ties to US British an Italian intelligence services. Let me translate miffed sued is the professor from Malta who was an SS. Utilized by the FBI and Stephan helper in the George popadopoulos episode. It was myth soon. Who supposedly I told popadopoulos that the Russians had some dirt on Hillary Clinton. Not emails had some dirt on Hillary Clinton. Now, the FBI and the Muller team have labored very hard to try to imply because they can't say with certainty that myth sued is a Russian agent. They want mitt soon to be a Russian agent because that would then prove collusion. Masud talking to popadopoulos myth soon Russian agent. But he's not they can't prove it. Was interviewed by the special counsel. And it's more than likely he was a a UK or or FBI asset, but wasn't Russian. And that's that's the importance of his name. Varsha Romo then said, well, look, they put all of these sources all across the world to get to members of the Trump campaign like they reached out to George popadopoulos. There's a lot of talk about how popadopoulos he caused the FBI in the Muller team problems because he didn't tell them about the relationship with myths it, and how myths it had offered emails now, this is in two thousand seventeen okay, this is in the molar dossier. So this is all about in two thousand seventeen how popadopoulos harms their investigation. Right. Well, how is it? Then that the FBI or supposedly the FBI or other assets. No to continually ask popadopoulos about emails about Clinton emails in two thousand sixteen. This is remains a fundamental point. I know you're probably no rush not again. But yeah. Because they laboured hard the FBI DOJ Komi his crowd laboured hard to try to convince people that the investigation and the Trump and Russia only began. The end of July twenty sixteen when George popadopoulos was running around telling people that he knew that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton. But again popadopoulos only knew this because friends of the FBI including miffed sued and Stephan help her head told him. And then he had the fateful evening in the bar with the Australian ambassador and told him not emails that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton Downer goes and tells the bit it's a.

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