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And witness tampering then the president tweeted that he could quote not allow this miscarriage of justice then the justice department said they would revise that serves recommendation at the OJ spokesman now saying they decided that before the president's tweet Democrats demanding an investigation Andy field ABC news Washington president trump speaking from the oval office this afternoon said he did not ask the department to change the stones sentencing recommendation though he did say what they've done to Roger stone and another convicted former member of the administration Michael Flynn is a disgrace CNN reporting late this afternoon but now all for prosecutors involved in that case of resigned Columbus police on Facebook today announcing a seizure of drugs guns and cash at home on rent would place in north Columbus among the drugs that were allegedly found their investigators believe two kilos of the powerful painkiller Sentinel the Franklin County coroner put out a warning about a potentially bad batch of drugs possibly involving fennel over the weekend with deadly overdoses spiking locally since the end of January today Columbus and Franklin County public health department issued statements saying that the drugs used in those fatal dis work frontal and other substances that were mixed in with cocaine along with counterfeit pills math heroin even marijuana the overdose reversal drug naloxone is now being made available for free today and tomorrow at a variety of Columbus area fire stations the polls are open in New Hampshire as voters they're trying to figure out who they're going to pick as their party's presidential hopeful I'm not the executive health and sports center in Manchester where Elizabeth Warren holding her election night event earlier today a memo written by her campaign manager downplayed state results saying they're focused on delegate counts district.

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