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Reason she got up on the bed and she looked out the window. She must have something on because a lot of never say that they heard Nose and gunshot. The police want to locate two people who were at the scene. Police Chief Julie Merrill calls them persons of interest. They were in front of the building, trying to steal a bicycle when the bullets sailed through the window. Anyone with information should call Crime stoppers at 1 805 77 Tips. Carol D'Auria 10 10 wins in Jackson Heights wins needs time. 5 50, The Long Island man convicted of driving drunk and killing a Boy scout in Manderville two years ago, has been sentenced to eight and one third to 25 years behind bars. Before sentencing. The judge denied a request by 62 year old Thomas Murphy. For a new trial. Murphy says he didn't get a fair trial because jurors allegedly discussed the case before deliberation. Seventh grader Andrew McMorris was killed. Three other boys injured. In that crash wins news time, 5 51 For your commute here. Greg Rice Way go back to New Jersey outbound side of the Pulaski Skyway atop the Hackensack River. Everything closed right now, as they try to finally get rid of a crash. That's been talking things up for about an hour And speaking of an hour, that's about what it'll still cost. You just believe Lower Manhattan at the outbound Holland back in Jersey. Well, worth your money this evening on the westbound Newark Bay extension to avoid that mess on the outbound skyway arrest of the bridges and tunnels. Here's what you need to No city bound side of the Lincoln Extra 30 minutes. Outbound side 30 to 45 inbound. George gets the thumbs up. Nothing. Outbound does still a mess North and West Side south bound, Eat least bad ways out. But still not perfect. Eastbound Grand central in front of a warning If you got the two right lanes shut as the firefighters and cops help out with the crashing your slow as you go from the F K Bridge. Clear view to the Throgs neck. That'll get you back to the Bronx. In good enough shape. Eastbound Long Island Expressway Awful the whole way home through Queens. He's down beacon. We tied up from the inbound. Go one. It's all the way up to Queens Boulevard. Couple of crashes along the way, Westbound beak. You were the worst of that from the Long Island Expressway right on down. Towards the outbound go honors and 39th Street near Sunset Park. Staten Island Expressway got the westbound slow down from the Arizona riding out to the West or East Bend jams up into Victory Boulevard. I'm Greg Rice are next reported six. So one on 10 10 win. Now, the AccuWeather four day forecast here is meteorologist John Feerick. Mostly clear sky for tonight. Cooler, diminishing wind blow.

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