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I'll do them for 24/7, 360 five days a year because I'm just so passionate about it. I love the sport, you know, it's such a real sport and it's so exciting to me 'cause it's something new and it's something fresh and it's something that I grew up watching and loving and admiring and you know and now my friend Kurt Angle, you know is trying to help me get over into that world and you know I just think that the crossover is just, it just fits perfectly for my style. Has Vince contacted me, basically man? No, Vince hasn't contacted me yet, but I know he knows who I am. You know, my good friend Bobby Lashley is over in WWE right now and he's presented some ideas to Vince McMahon like, hey man, let's do this storyline. Let's do this angle, you know? MMA versus wrestlers or, you know, me and my American, my American fighter, Colby Covington versus, you know, wrestlers. We're just trying to find the right strategy and the right way to go about it, but there's only a matter of time, Adam. I will be the WWE Champion before it's all said and done. Dude, I believe you, man. I mean, there's really, I mean, I completely believe you. Now, Dana White, I noticed that tag Dana, like Dana, the American girl is ready. I'm going to save this card. So are you back on good terms? Because at one point you were going to smack him with the belt and take off his pants and embarrass them and all those other shit. So you guys are cool again? Yeah, uncle Dana man, I don't got no problems with uncle Dana, man. That's my business partner. That's my man, man. You know? So I got no ill will towards him. You know, I want to do good business with him. And he knows that, you know? And before when I was saying those things, everybody knows, you know?.

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