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From Ko Phi Sunny and warm again tomorrow highs mid seventies to low nineties this report brought to you by Memorial Care, Miller's Children's and Women's Hospital Long Beach. We have a crash on the five in Santa Ana. This one was along the south bound side coming up on first Street. That's where the three right lanes remain blocked. They're saying until further notice, another source at the CHP said, Until about 3 30 Coming up on 3 30, So hopefully it was a pretty bad crash. Hopefully, they'll get some lanes open, but big delays are backing up all the way from the 57 22 split. It's affecting the 57 south found out of Anaheim getting away from just before. Ball road, So watch out here tonight to a little place I like to call Crash. Adina. We've got Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. A couple of these crashes are the 2 10 2 10 eastbound at Lake that was a long running problem in the carpool in the left lane. It's like they just cleared a few minutes ago, however, still suffering onto the East 1 34 approach the 2 10 Spite looks like the 2 10 south, eastbound side backed up to the Arroyo back before the Rose Bowl there. A lot of this flowing figures to shift up ahead and we had a problem in Irwindale that is the 2 10 eastbound in Irwindale Avenue that is off to the right shoulder. So a lot of that story now building up through the Arcadia area and better news is Sam Deena's 57 South bound just before via Verde. Everything's on the right shoulder, and that's actually recovering quite nicely. Now into the accident. Visit Superwoman Super Lawyer calm Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky Precious Park on the five South past Colorado. They're clearing a crash out of the left lane to lace backing up from Western K A pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm.

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