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Because the skills to fall from my eyes and to see things probably more clearly than I ever have is this family got a name that everybody would recognize the Rockefeller my gosh the Rockefeller family and you got to realize it this is understandable because by the turn of the twentieth century John D. Rockefeller had already controlled ninety five percent of the American oil and thirty percent of all the oil wells throughout the world and he was on his way to becoming the richest individual you know in creation and yeah at he was tied in with the what happened was there was a secret society formed by Cecil John Rhodes we've we've spoken about that before it is the members of that society where the most powerful people in England and need to rot Roger was part of that lord Brett was for the P. date to chief adviser to Queen Victoria Arthur jeans bell for the department the future prime minister of England was part of that lord Roseberry whose rock rock rock child son in law was part of the secret society so was cardinal Edward deleting Catholic prelate in England Williams who's the founder of the salvation army Alfred Milner who became Britain's secretary of war at that once again this is the that Sir Edward peacock between that the director of the bank of England Jeffrey Dawson the editor of the London times we instead them the foremost journalist in England they all were part of the secret society what they want to do is they wanted to they they believed that Britain was destined to control the world and that that belief was not at that time when they form a society in eighteen ninety in eighteen eighty eight this this thought was really not really that far fetched because Britain already controlled a third of the world I mean it did it had it at Coney use all over the place it was the most fermentable industrial power in the world and they believe that it in time with the direction of the secret society all the world to come in to warn the government under British rule interesting now when you say secret society explain that Paul well they they believe that they they they they were masons and social Joan roads it sent the society at the ninety he after he went through Dennis Yushin in to the masonic lodge into the Apollo chapter at Oxford university all these guys were masons and they they they sell with with with with with some recorded could do just what they a group of of large is that were set up throughout the world did it could really bring about almost a one world religion under the grand architect of the universe and rose figure that the it since masonry was so successful another secret society could accomplish a north a lot more and it did this is said it would have to be composed of the of Britain's leading bankers politicians aristocrats and he form that society and they all believe they also strongly believe that this is not a conspiracy theory this is All I mean anybody can document this is conspiracy fact as a matter of fact this secret society was responsible for the second for war and for the conquest of most of Africa does this secret society have a specific name is at the Bilderberg group they call themselves the society of the elect it was formed as a circle within such a circle within a circle the nucleus of the secret society was Rothchild roads no wonder instead around this they call the circle of initiates and that was one circle and then there is another circle the system the circle of helpers and I'm a NY is that there is a circle of affiliates and there was a circle within a circle within a circle that's the way they organized and once again what they did was they instigated the war war at the end of the war war you know the the British Empire was greatly expanded and the next thing that they did was they decided to morph into something called the the program society they formed a program society in London all these guys are just mentioned the road was dead at that time but rod child Belfort and no wonder and all these people they form the the programs aside all this is fact and what they do is they they established as sister society in the United States society and it was set up at the Waldorf Astoria in nineteen oh three years of that there's a awful lot of documentation on this from taxable sources including members of the program subsided themselves what was their intent Paul I mean to control or to better society they believe you see George sick leave that the world should be controlled you couldn't leave anything just to face helter skelter were not really religious people they believe in social Darwinism and they believe that they were but just by by the by evolution at the at the fall didn't that that there was people Berman server Superman and that that the Brits were meant to control the world and these these people in the program society in America you know share the same belief that the Anglo Americans should rule the world the third the rest of the world was composed primarily of people who were going to mature over under under you know what I'm under developed the drones yeah the drone right right right right and the Yahoo and and and and you know and and then there was the winner so with the European leg so in this program society in New York it was established in nineteen oh three these were the people like cheap JP Morgan and Carnegie Cornelius Vanderbilt William Howard Taft to begin the future president America Cleveland a past president Burke who is one of the world's leading bankers and hopefully with Roger islands Jacob Jacob ship who was raised by the Roger I mean probably because most prominent banker at that time Mark Twain government of free printables who was instrumental in creating the federal reserve and also John D. Rockefeller to stay with us Paul we're gonna take a quick break.

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