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I'm Joe by from KFI twenty four hour newsroom. The LAPD says it knows who is looking for in the case of murdered rapper nipsy hustle. The cops have the guy's picture and a description of the car he was riding in Sunday. The twenty sixteen white Chevy. Cruz was driven by women. The police have yet tied dentist by hustle was fatally shot yesterday as he stood in front of the clothing store. He owned in south LA at slauson and Crenshaw. That's where a visual in south LA was held tonight further late Grammy nominated rapper, but it turned violent city fire department says almost twenty people were hurt to critically during the memorial. One was hurt by a car the fire department and LAPD says most of the people were hurt in a stampede PD declared an unlawful assembly and cleared out the large crowd, which had gathered in the parking lot. We're hustle was shot and killed yesterday. The LA county district attorney has teamed up with the computer programmers to take cannabis convictions off the books. DA? Jackie Lacey, says the partnership with code for America. Could very quickly clear people's records of minor cannabis convictions hoping clear a path by reducing or dismissing cannabis convictions can result in someone securing a job or benefiting from other programs that may have been unavailable to them in the past Lacey says more than fifty thousand eligible convictions will be cleared. Lacey says code for America uses a computer algorithm to search for eligible cases, instead of the several lawyers needed to review one case at a time. Lawyer Michael Evans has made his first court appearance in southern California to defend himself against Bank and wire fraud charges with arms crossed behind his back avenue looked on as prosecutors argued with defense attorneys about who he should be allowed to talk with after the hearing of naughty briefly addressed reporters saying he spent twenty years representing clients and David versus Goliath cases throughout that entire time. Period. I have relied upon the Justice system and judges sitting in court courthouses, just like this. A judge set the next court appearance for April twenty ninth of. Nowadays attorneys say he will likely wave that appearance in plead not guilty in Santa Ana Chris ancarlo, KFI news, fifty one cities across California have increased their sales tax today. Several cities in southern California will now charge ten and a quarter percent, including Burbank Covina, Culver city, you Pomona Glendale longdale cut. Hey, Pasadena, the sales tax in Santa Fe springs is now ten point five percent for cities in Orange County have raised sales taxes, but are still below ten percent, including Santana garden, grove, Placentia and seal beach. A woman has started trading. Firefighters cops and other emergency workers how to use yoga while on duty. The Mead says the practice can help first responders stay calm and make quick decisions in high stress situations, it really the breath work that gets into the nervous system. So part of yoga training is measured manipulated rush skills and techniques need started teaching yoga tally sitting firefighters a few years ago. She plans to work on a statewide level next. And teach yoga to Cal fire. Crews later this month magician, David Blaine is being investigated for sexual assault. Police in New York City aren't sharing any details. The NYPD reportedly took statements from two women accusing Blaine of sexual assault the Daily Beast website says one of those allegations dates back to nineteen ninety eight. So it may fall outside the statute of limitations. Kellogg has agreed to sell Keebler famous Amos. And it's fruit snack business to the owner of new Tele Ferraro beat hostess and the bidding and settled on a price tag of one point three billion dollars..

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