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Jelly Bean Joe Bryant recruited you to sal and you know the sisters and you know his mother and he knows was cousins. Did any of that resonate in terms of I mean I guess the question is did he just stand out among all those but those traits among the whole family well I think. Kobe had a combination of of treats. You know from his offer i. It wasn't no no coincidence that Kobe had you know basketball ran on both sides of the family. So is his is His uncle Chubby Cox. Whose mothers you know brother you know was it was? It was a a great player in his own. Right you know. And then his dad was a great plan okay so it wasn't no coincidence that Koby had you know unbelievable basketball. Iq You know what I'm saying or unbelievable work ethic because those guys were proves so he had top level of information and I just felt like you know. Kobe was was destined for greatness in a lot of pedigree. You uh-huh coming from his uncle Chubby Cox coming from you. Know his his dad Joe Bryant and his mom and her whole her old special You know attributes and you know you saw that and cool because I heard that the killer in Kobe comes from his mom because his mom was no nonsense like yeah. You know like you know what I'm saying. So you know he had he had he had all those special treats in one and he was just disgusting to be great. You know from from from from a very early age. There's a summer game talked about and I know there's video on the website website of the Philadelphia Inquirer you against Koby. You had him on the first half right and then what happened that second hand so that somebody gave interesting because everybody talks about the The wintertime game when Roman play Lower Marian at Drexel University but mostly it was mostly coaches at the game in the summertime. And the interesting thing about that. That game is like you know one day I was watching sports center. And that's SORTA reality Colby. You know we're going at each other and I think reality says something to the extent of year. Kobe is just a selfish. Do Man like you know with his teammates. Have their nights he's a guy that's still wants to dominate the ball. And and don't let law guys to have their night in play within the team. And and that Sorta Kobe had called his phone. It was like Oh man you were saying about me the next time you know we played. I'm you know Russia. You know what I'm saying so I said Yo man that dude been doing. That's just high school. I said because my junior year going into my senior year when he became number one player in the country you know we played in the same summer league like ruined low. Mary in the Roman played in the same summer league. Right so I know going into that now my I junior year we were we were high number one. In the country. Number two number three in the country and we we straddle and we're in the top ten that whole entire year until we were loaded we had Larry cutting her former. NBA Player A young Russell Butler thirteen year. NBA Player. Joe Arpaio Davis Myself to Mir Harbin Ronnie Conway like we had you know eight division one players and you know after the my junior year we we were projected for the next for the following year to be you know the number two team in the country. So you know it's a big summer league game coming up between Roman Law Marion and you know. Kobe doesn't know and a lot of people know hasn't been confirmed whether two of our best players were transferred. So I'm on the phone with my high school sweetheart. You know just talking you know the summertime and you know I'm just talking to my a girlfriend and back then you didn't have caller ID. So I'll get people my phone. I get the people my phone I took over. Hello you'll dumb stuff that man. I'm like oh I'm going on. Like who is he like IOS. Biman's me it's it's cool. I'm like oh I'm cool. What's going on man? I'm Chilean doing nothing. So you ain't doing that. Man Just you know on the phone girl. Man chilling out me is it. Oh yeah that's something quick question for you. He's like it's our Dave is going to be at the game tomorrow. I was like immediately. I'm like this do fishing. Like why is he asking me is going to be at the game. I don't know why what's up man. He's like if if y'all come to the game In a jar. You know what I'm saying. You know we can get it on a man 'cause. UNM is going to be me. We could really get an on on both y'all against me he said. But if it's just you don't even know if it's worth me coming so a double ticket the phone like he really just say that and I slammed the phone down. Oh and my sister and into the room it was like Oh are you all right like ah man to just call me. Basically saying that I'm not on this level that you know it's not even worth. It's time if if it's just me come to told her the story. She's like calm down. No I can't wait to the game for the game tomorrow. Now we didn't know is that you know Bobby Knight was going to be at the gave himself coach K.. was at the game himself. Rick Pitino is going to be at the game like Steve Fisher like the. Who's who caused basketball along with the the former Hey coaches seventy sixers. At the time John Lucas was gonna you know it was going to be at the right here so you know I get to the game. It's all these the people and I'll tell my sister cooks like Oh what happened. I'm like I told him the story dining like summertime game you. No I don't care about you filing out. I know he's GonNa Guard you 'cause we know Kobe's GonNa WanNa create a challenge for so so I want you to go out and show all these people that you're just as good if not better than coby so I'm like cool. I was hyped up. I was fired up because of what he did You know we normally shake hands. Isn't embrace each other before the Games. I didn't shake his hand and nothing. So you know about and I had a great first half you know go ahead. I twenty five at F Four Philip. Good about myself second-half combs. Kobe has thirty two in the second. Half and I'll wind up having four and He finished thirty six points. Twelve rebounds eight assists options for my twenty nine nine nine and You know I never forget. He did this move like in the second half he was nine. Meet a ball. And my my my teammate was trying to force me the ball and he chipped it you know and it was two guys running for the ball and there was another guy running back. He caught up to the ball and whipped the ball between his leagues and like Split Defenders. And then the guy that was running back in transition try to beat them to the ball is still a boy. He threw the ball and with the behind his back. And just grab the ball and just took off like right below the foul line from the dotted line with two hands. Just are hiring. I ah I just go ferocious dunk. Oh it just came down. Swing swing on a rummy came down and he just had this look on his face. Ace was like basically. y'All know I'm that dude. y'All know I'm the best player on the floor not even close and it's just like you know he did this other move part of the you know when I was telling you the story about him and ninety three. You know being skinny guy. That couldn't really been down stuff like that. You know my vans then was shorter them so I would get underneath from you know. The little man wins in basketball so I kinda dictate his movements and like like you know be able to deflect the ball from even steal it from him sometimes but you know I told you two years later. He was doing unbelievable stuff. He had a personal trainer Mary. He was getting stronger. Lateral quickness was coming his bowls his body was going now. He's more athletic. So this and this particular game in that in S. seen game in the second half you know I'm I'm trying to get up under him but he had dropped his shoulder and it was really the identical move. Yeah Michael Jordan hit Brian Russia with to win the NBA finals. It was the exact same move. The only difference was Michael. Jordan had the ball on the left side of the court and like going towards the middle. The difference was Kobe was on the right side of the court going towards like you know the baseline sideline and I'm driving company any more and he liked road and you know back then his him and his dad used to speak a language that nobody understood they were speaking. You know fluid Italian. You know what I mean. It is on the sideline yelling instructions. So you know you you know. I'm in ten some fired up. You know you know. I think I'm bringing it to him and his dad's Ashtiani structures. I'm underneath him and he dropped his shoulder. He just made that that same crossover move about all my all. My momentum in was going you know with the move trying to cut him off going right and he rolled the crossover step back. And you know like shook me out of my shook me on my my shoes. I can just remember. His Dad said Oh yes and it was just like a rhythm shot. He just held his foul throughout the Cross. Me Over and switch the shot and it was just like Yeoman that was that was a next level move man long story short. You know we lost that game at the Buzzer by one I never forget like fall into the floor distraught. Like just you know upset that we lost a game and Kobe is coming over to me. Picking me up. You know hugging me like Yo man. Don't worry about man's on the Summer League gay man you know. There's only a basketball game man but you know I love competing against you. You bring the best out hardy man. You know we'll see each other. Hold your head up. And that's kind of how that game ended you know everything you're saying again just to sort of flows with everything. Everyone else is saying. I mean we talk about it like it's a cliche right now. Don't we Donnie with Columba mentality. But there's something real there this this drives and I think that's what people admire so much. They they want it for themselves in and out basketball beyond basketball. This.

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