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Well what a game that it was the mix of searches of course for the players and queries related to the game itself with and also of course lotta pop culture moments and a halftime performance when at the top queries that we so cup search moments were route over time that he got at halftime performance george age w bush coming out with the the coin toss all yeah the game yeah that was the a very emotional moment for a lot of folks knowing the the health concerns that he'd had recently right i'm devonta freeman had the touchdown where he can go airborne resigned the falcons that they only for holding over among the top queries and wentz of a tough question simple had were how old is with the guy got how does overtime work first super bowl game going into overtime who owns out for room mailed like the car to make a return to the west yeah i'm what is eighty four lumber which folks for the know by now that the commercial that generated some buzz and for some controversy is well right and then how many parts of the caribbean movies are curse he hit but it's been five years since the last one so it mimics with people's mind that there were for the that's it is excited i did seal the there seem to be in on the usual amount of promotions for movies perhaps because it was a it was a fox broadcast that this my guess yeah that was you know the the the goes to michelle i was another win that i think got a lot of buzz minoso the the promo were the had four strangers things to just movies at the show are the netflix but i'm with a lot of interest around that well well tom brady at that did that your tits name didn't come up in your little summer either well we we categorized simmons as the top surged player so he said we got a lot of attention i'm throughout the game and then julio jones from the falcons was number two julian edelman a number three danny amendola number four and matt ryan number five so the mix tweener two teams windows were five players who had a lot of the the action turned against so was.

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