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KFI is a little bit of this a little bit of that. I kind of look for the facts to my research, and I think it's. I think it's a little more fair the truth. That's their fake news. Sometimes they'll have a take. I didn't think of all appreciate that live. For independent thinkers, K F west. He HD Tomasz Angeles, Orange County and iheartradio station. That's not a father. I'm Michael Crozier live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. Missing child investigation regarding Noah MacIntosh has now been escalated to a homicide case the police chief in corona says, the father of an eight year old boy missing for over a month is now facing charges of murder and torture. Chief George Johnstone's says Jillian Godfrey the mother of Noah Macintoshes in jail on child abuse charges. She called police March twelfth Jillian advised. She had not been able to contact Noah for almost two weeks officers attempted to contact the father fries MacIntosh residents. However, did not answer warm serve the next day. Bryce McIntosh was arrested gas prices in L A county if at their highest increase in late November the average price has risen for eighteen straight days. The average for a gallon of regular unleaded up almost two and a half cents to three sixty four average in Orange County up by more than twenty percent twenty cents higher than it was a week ago. It's three fifty nine inland. Three fifty four. The auto clubs binding a reduction in supply caused by in part by shut down at a refinery and Carson planned maintenance at a refinery in Torrance an issues at two refineries in northern California a sports reporter kissed by a boxer while interviewing him after a fight in LA has hired a lawyer I did not encourage or consent to Mr. of grabbing my face kissing me grabbing my backside. I was there at the event covering the boxing match as a professional member of the press Ganey revolves hired attorney, Gloria Allred. She sent a letter to the California, let it commission asking for a hearing and for the suspension of Bulgarian heavyweight champion Kubat pool. Leads license. I think could apology would be appropriate. But right now, we're looking for sanctions, she says that would be a teaching moment for politeness and a message to other boxers. Republicans in the house intelligence committee of signed a letter asking chairman Adam Schiff to resign. Republicans say shift abused his position to knowingly spread false information shift gained national recognition with. Frequent cable news interview suggesting a strong case for Trump Russia collusion. He told us committee yesterday, the president has done bad things. Even if Robert Muller didn't call them crimes. I don't think it's okay that during a presidential campaign. Mr. Trump's sought the Kremlin help to consummate a real estate deal in Moscow that would make him a fortune. President Trump says shifts should be forced out of congress. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats will fight in court in congress to preserve the Affordable Care Act. The Trump Justice department is told a federal judge degrees with tossing out the whole law striking down bands on lifetime. Limit an annual limits striking down the Medicaid expansion striking down tax. He said make healthcare for move for more. It's not clear whether congress could agree on a replacement. If the courts toss out the ACA Republican votes in two thousand seventeen mostly fell short, even when the party controlled both the house and the Senate. Check on a crash.

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