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This house this house. There's some horse in this house. That was when he spent an entire episode of his show being outraged about cardi b and megan thee. Stallion's big twenty twenty release up or what s pussy. We got to hear. Ben shapiro performed song which was a fantastic free ad for not being religious. He did it. Tally savalas style. You hear that kids give up your atheism and you too can end up reading rap lyrics in your serious big boy voice and his wife told him into what pajamas would get it in their route. Lee tweeted that he tweeted that of information. My wife's doctor and according to the doctor she's a doctor of medicine. A wet vaginas disease actually technically moral story if your team is fighting against team drive giant on a very important level very important because level all right so we're more than halfway through and that's going to bring us to our whitest. Category biggest as it is the only category with a two time nominee. that would be muslim god. And he's joined by such scathing. Atheists mainstays is pat robertson and gordon clinton schmidt so heath who's joining their ranks this year christian pillow magnate. Mike lindell rate calls done so much extra stuff in twenty twenty one. He might get this again but he gets the nomination without any of that justice. Twenty twenty stuff. I he sponsored and appeared in the eric metaxas christmas. In new york special lindell had a cameo in the form of an infomercial. He came out on stage and told everyone about a brand new towel. Technology that removes moisture invented my pillow and then he gave a promo code for christian pillows and towels as part of again an infomercial. During a live theater performance yes broadway. Guys didn't like that. But i think more live theater needs to start doing that right. Just like not giving up by shot. Glasses made by mobis five classic boy. It's what america means to me and Lindell also helped out with the pandemic back in august of two thousand twenty when del brokered a meeting between donald trump and a quote pharmaceutical company. In order to make sure everyone took full advantage of a new cure for covid called leandra. N- that was a botanical extract from a literal bush of poison called oleander. It did not cure covered by the way. No you're just not taken enough you taking a poison and it does here girl. Then we'll die. And of course lindahl spent most of the latter part of twenty twenty campaigning for donald trump's reelection and then campaigning against donald trump's de election at the very end fear that includes the production of a movie called absolute proof that we had to watch about votes being stolen by hugo chavez and then sent to the germany internet for tampering and then sent back to the america internet. I think internet airplay hinting circle row right. Yeah and the. The new doctored digital ballots had trump's name scratched out and biden's name written in the margin did cyber labeling also had a covert meeting with trump. That somehow involved lindell's doing his best spy walk into the white house and trump on two phones at the same time. You wanted to be spy ish he is. He is already hard at work trying to earn a two for anti allah. Yeah okay so now. I wrote a whole goddamn book. Full a worthy nominees for this last year but the one that really stands out to me here is jim baker. Okay look virtually every living religious leader that the average american could name has blood on his hands in the wake of the pandemic joe on the paper cut. That might need a band aid into the scale. You got the pope blaming copen on god being mad at us over global warming but on the gushing jerry falwell on a bender guys are into the scale. You have jim baker. yeah turns out the crime. He is good at getting away with murder young but manslaughter. I guess yeah. So first of all. I should point out what he did right. Unlike a lot of religious leaders baker did not try to pretend that the pandemic didn't exist or that loving jesus would be sufficient protection against it and then honestly put them ahead of a lot of people in this line of work right. He wasn't above pretending. It was a chinese invention intentionally unleashed upon american. Fuck up trump's second term but at least he admitted that there was a deadly pandemic on of course he did not do this from concern for the health and safety audience so much as the exact opposite of that seat if there was no deadly pandemic he couldn't sell you his colloidal silver colder panacea a move so startling the email that even the us government did about it people and he looks like a sales rep for kane powder yes yeah so just a quick reminder early on in the pandemic baker was hit with at least two different cease and desist orders from at least two different attorneys general. Stop telling people that has snake. Oil would cure copay so in response. He started selling seeds that he said you could use to grow your own panacea cure nova. We're like you said it like as close to that as lawyer thought he could get away with anyway. This is a silver bulb. You just put it. Tell me where you buried it. Yeah so i teased him just a bit in one of my previous mentions but for my nominee. I'm gonna go with pastor tony spell. would one dude good one. Yes my friends. Way back in the halcyon days tiger king and stay at home orders. Pastor tony spell was the first major public figure to draw the line at doing literally anything to stop people from dying. I despite being in theocracy friendly louisiana spell behaved in a manner so publicly dangerous that even baton rouge..

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