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Wind and before you know it we're going to be pulling. I hope is your name and sending you and somebody you like a lot to the Napa Valley for live in the vineyard brought to you in part by southwest West Airlines the official airline of live in the Vineyard and Sacramento International Airport the easiest way to fly in and out of Napa once again I gotta do is go to be OH B. A. N. D. S. H. E. R. I. Dot Com to register and now we go to our fun phone at Eight Eight Eight B. O. B. S. H. E. R. I. Shannon's on the line. Remember the other day when we were talking about the woman whose children did not test as genetically hers even though they test that one of them in the delivery room and it turned out that back when when she was in the womb she had a twin that she didn't know about that was absorbed kind of like in my big wedding and the babies had something called Chimera Syndrome where they had the the absorbed twins D. N. A. And I know this sounds like one of the spooky things that I tell around a campfire but it is legit and our listeners Shannon joins us right now now. She knows all about this stuff. Hey Shannon Hi guys so tell us about it so I have a science background and basically what can happen is early on and embryonic development you have a bunch of cells that are dividing and becoming different sprint purposes and those two balls of cells the twin pregnancies will get close to each other sometimes they will combine and so this snoop ball of cells has actually four parental germ cells so in effect to this ball of cells it becomes a baby has four sets of genetic information and so in this woman's case she wound up having ovaries that were made out of her sisters cells Oh yeah so basically when she oscillates and got pregnant does southward from her sister so what's really amazing about that is even though her twin sister was never born. Her twin sister goes into the next generation and I mean doesn't that make you feel like you're in an elevator. That's falling about a thousand Surrey's think about that. It's a really cool yeah and there's actually Kinda Merrick Eric. studies have been done for a long time and in some cases you could really you could look at animal human hybrids or you could look at animals almost that you can you have special rats that can grow ears for humans as replacement body parts. all of this is really an interesting. We're still backed of cellular molecular biology. You know what else is amazing Shin that you have this amazing scientific background and still still listen to Bob's personality parade drives in high school so they'll probably ninety ninety five ninety six. Oh my goodness well you turn down you wanted. That's right. Hey I I wanNA know about rats growing human ears back that's pretty seen a picture of a really cool yeah so I went through the IB program and then Undergrad and then got my PhD Carolina so I believe in public school system but so these these rats basically their immune system is highly suppressed so that way they won't reject the human cells and they will grow ears on their back which are harvested and unfortunately the rats don't make it and those are made out of human skin and human cartilage and when you see a picture of it there's the rat with amax pulled one up too so oh Bob with a big old. Is that picture send me that picture. I want to bring it home to talk about it. Are those are those rats or mice think those are the grass but their special rights. They're dispensing in their spell nano in in Bar Harbor Maine. There's a there's a place in it's escaping me right now and they were they raise. You know what I'm talking about yeah yes they do they do mice and rats and there are other laboratories stories that specialize in fruit flies and there's there's a whole industry for supplying laboratory materials and laboratory animals genetically unethically the same so that if some experiment is done they know they can replicated that. It's legit a whole line of of mice ace that replicate human disease that way he contested on these animals before you tested on humans. How many people do you know Shannon have received ears is that were grown on special zero people who have it seems like there must be an awful and awfully significant significant demand for replacement ears? I know it's so weird and I just thought they could probably do this with Moses because that's skin and cartilage cartilage other stuff too and the other interesting thing that is kind of an ancillary thing is they're starting to grow organs in Cell Culture for people so that way when eventually you'll be able to get an organ transplant from your own cells then you won't have to make their rejection medicine the Jackson in laboratory. That's the name of the place in harbor. That's it. I just want to shout out to the four radio consultants that periodically check on this show. That's right. We're in order to battle of the sexes this growing yeah you're welcome uh-huh Bucket Heads Oregon. I think thank you we're so excited because here you were exposed to our show at formative age and we didn't destroy you. We hurt thank you Shannon could hear we'd love to hear from you eight. Clearly anything goes eight eight S. S. H. E. R. I eight to six to seven four seven. It is bobby share. The Free Bobbins Jerry instantly get the podcast the on cast and Bob and Sheri Sharing Funds is said very sad. Why are you fairly ovarian to remember last week? I said with the exception of what I do with you hear almost everything else in my life. Well there's love making love discount is like a saucy plus or a B. That's the best that I am skiing. I'm like a a B minus. Did you just give yourself like Dean's list in in the bedroom. Oh Yeah Yeah Oh yeah girl called day. LADIES BE MINUS PROBABLY AT GOLF. Maybe C. Plus at Golf. I think you'll be minus. Come online line which leads me to cooking which I kind of got into last winter you know he bought a Pan I bought I bought a couple of pants but but last night d minus why would you do last night. I had this. I had this plan my wife's working right and I was going to time it I go to two different supermarkets. I go to the regular one for most stuff but once in a while ago to the fancy one and last time I was in the fancy one they had this dinner in a bag thing right and had like Pasta and some Cajun shrimp you throw it in the oven for eighteen minutes and it's delicious yes so I figured that she didn't have it 'cause she was away. I said I'm going to get that not possible. Because of course like Kevin she doesn't seem only eats it on someone. Else's play exactly exactly so I was going to get like I think it was pork and asparagus in there which she would like very much so go to the fancy food store they don't. They don't inhabit the only one the only thing they have is like two pieces of salmon that I can cook for eighteen minutes and then I would have to get a salad and I can do that and that's fine. So what do we do with Hampton. He's not gonna eat that so I got a bacon and cheese infused burger and already have the buns and that'll be perfect so everything seems right right. She's working late so he comes. Oh and I said I got remembered that Bacon and she's Burger out on the grill. GonNa Cook that for you. That'd be great. I go out to the web. The Weber does not work. Everybody else's Weber works for thirty five years ears. I've had this one. It caught on fire. I that's why it doesn't really caught on fire and the ignition thing doesn't work so I turn on the gas and you're doing this thing stand back and I'm flipping matches. Even that doesn't work right so I have never cooked with a cast cast iron skillet before so I said I'll put some butter. Cook it inside. You could not see in the kitchen. The smoke alarm is is going off. It's awful that went herself pulled into the drive. Were self pulled into the driveway. There's smoke throughout the house. I haven't got the oven up to four twenty five for the salmon she walks in and when you hear your wife says saying these words what is going on here the good thing it so she took over and put the salmon in there she said let me let me just put some mustard not an and she she likes hijacked the night four and I ordered a pizza goes on exactly right. Do you mind this t minus bitter at skiing than I am cooking. I think your grill doesn't work because you said it a place. I didn't set it ablaze.

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B. O. B. S. H. E. R. I. Shannon, BOB, Golf discussed on Bob and Sheri

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