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When it comes to mortgages paying rent daycare. We don't know for you're going to have like a phone Bill paid our food for the rest of them are so Doris Kearns Goodwin. What's your take on? What was said there? I mean, the whole thing is topsy turvy and a lot of ways, you know, one must give him credit during the election of. In two thousand sixteen is that he was able to make a large number of people in the country. Hope it hurt by economic situation. Feel like he was on their side. Whether he is or not is of course, the question, we're finding out today. But I think what happened in this last election. It was very much like the turn of the twentieth. Century industrial revolution had shaken up the economy much like the tech revolution. And globalization have done today. You had a first time at the turn of the twentieth. Century a gap between the rich and the poor you had working class. People feeling they weren't sharing in the prosperity of the country. You had a lot of immigrants coming in from abroad. And there was a feeling of revolution in the air on the part of the working class people. And what happened is that? Luckily, it got transformed into progressive reform under the Roosevelt who had a square deal for the rich and the poor, you know, the word wage worker and the capitalist. And what's happened here? Is that those people made an and listen to him say that the immigrants were the problem rather than that, the economy's undergoing? Changes and inventions are happening, and we have to figure this all out together he came in with an enemy already out there. And that's what I think he can't let go of this wall because it's what one in the base and the base is him somehow inextricably connected to him right now..

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