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One from scratch making Lander like making one restoring one from stance works. Oh, I don't know, man. I think he's got a mini is around with like, his taste very much. This one's clean. Yeah. So good. I'm jealous. I think rust and wiring are things to look out there. He's fifteen fifty two. Now, Andrew oh. Oh, Is it? yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Tune squad. No that answers just for you. It was a yes, no question. And the answer is no also he's he also does same guy hates hates modern Rolex sport watches because Carl Burris ruined them show, you mind that should is dope. Sons as a goal Casio re re re pro. I I have a gold G shock. So I'm in the same club. Dude. I love it. It's the best one. It's my daily. Hey, girls bash on this. Can eat it. Oh, baby proof watch. Yes. And yes, I will get Karl on this show. Very soon question. Bear says would you pay over ten thousand dollars for a non s RT six Chrysler crossfire as what is there? No laughing at the question. Oh, straight up. You should answer this lady previous one. No, which. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Would you pay over ten thousand dollars for a non s RT Chrysler crossfire? I shit you not as an investment vehicle. Fuck. No. But nonetheless is like a trunk full of cocaine or something, and even then that's a depreciating investment. No, that's that's a terrible idea. That would hero. That's our modern fear. That's going up, bro. Now the day there. Crossbars? No cross. Fires are not. They're not good for whom again took one to Irwindale and strap three parachutes to it. And try to drive it around the track like using haggard inside a terrible. Should give you an indication of what they're worth as far as investment vehicle. They're not. They're not good in. They're not going up. I don't want to be the fifty year old guy ago that comes back and says we should have said by across you guys. You guys should have brought like cross missed doubt. Market. Thank you for the joke. Matteo says my dream car is a Bentley mall, San good choice. Closest I can get to that. For thirty. Gs seven forty I o I think fucking our knowledge doesn't get Oh nauseous. fuck. Yeah. You can. In the twenties. No she needed in. Carney interview auctions. I was I was at mecum and they went through in the low twenty s and that was four years ago. But that's the closest you can get to that for less than thirty. What else can you get for under thirty the closest to a mall, San I'm gonna say something very you guys can make you get an equity. I I actually that was my next. That's not a bad meal in a work at a word. You can get you get Arnaz for twenty eight but you better have twenty eight. I would love to daily or nausea. They've read. That's the closest for sure. But Equis if you want to you know, really boring Demaj it. No, no one's gonna one. It is. You could get a really nice Fatan. You could probably get a fucking flying. While he. Breaking early. I. Yeah. In the thirties. You cheat in thirty. Yeah. I've seen him. Haggerty. Stay off, man. Faden were like twelve in twenty twelve when when Baru had one. On the way out. Maybe we're they're just, you know, boating like ironic really there when they went down there passing through ironic cool on their way back to cool. Yeah. No. I'm just pulsing drive. Really nice. Did you ever see one wheels? In a Bentley grill. Yeah. Pretty close is it's closer than I'm really closer than Bentley's comfortable with Williams joke about the Rolls Royce that guys three hundred phantom phantom roll up anymore. Be here. Fucking love that joke. Yeah. Okay. Austin says I'm stuck between a twenty thirteen in two thousand fourteen versus a twenty fifty two thousand seventeen Mustang GT. I love the looks of the older car. But I'm worried I'll miss the new IRS on track. Should I just get over the looks? If I don't miss the IRS, then then who's and Austin Boston's not gonna miss it just by the car and enjoy it. Yeah. You mean the fun with it any parts just? I really don't care, but the independent rear suspension on newer car..

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