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Still still doing this even as loud that means to cash when we have this take it all in with old people get the gel i says mayweather mcgregor fight exceeded expectations and it was a winwin i think for both ever mcgregor lasting longer than most expected for disposing i'm with a tenth round t case up the tko and most importantly for them both got ridiculously and handsomely paid for a night's work at boy will now retired with a extra couple hundred billion the where does this leave conor mcgregor worship to go from here to me back it always is still partnering with party like he warned for lee so it'd be going on a lotta lever brings me ever say but i mean back to dana whiten ufc lower paychecks i understand what are you hearing maybe hollywood look i mean he might be the biggest winner even in defeat obviously for me where the guy fifty and nogap paid we got to better fight the we expect that which is not saying much monthly payments were he right so it won't really only place to go was up he he may have everybody's talking about whether or not the referee stopped the too soon where there was a a week in a quick stoppage he save conor mcgregor even though he said let me wobbled back you'd be corner indignity knocked out by somebody who doesn't knock people out to begin with light and now there's always the what could have been talking to soon i was just a greater they could always have their qualifier killing his fans and he can have it i knocked me down he said the right things but he didn't get knocked down now if he wasn't go to hollywood i think his star is significantly more on the rise and an already was nessan some issues when she made this kind of money it's kind of hard to go back to some of the person's aim is getting in ufc so alternative.

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