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You guys really believe it's an offer you can't refuse because Peter King saying you gotta give up four first round picks to get Joe Borough from the bengals and the bengals according to Schefter according to Schefter. The bengals are saying an unequivocal. No to anyone who talks about trading up. It is an offer that people can refuse. According to Schefter I would advise the bengals that these words have never come out of Joe Boroughs Mouth Cincinnati Bengals and I would take the godfather offer. You have a chance if you the bengals to get a quarterback and get another player you have a chance to get the third and fifth big. Tonight's draft and all you have to do is give up a guy who refuses to say your name. Oh if I'm Chris Greer. I bring up the background from the restaurant and the Godfather when I zoom over to Mike Brown and the bengals and make him an offer. He can't refuse Miss Defining Godfather offering that. I don't believe this is an offer. The bengals can't refuse this. I don't believe you to say no to the three and five if you're GonNa Miss Defining Godfather offer another pick in there to make it a godfather offer a kid. Just be three and five for borough has to be three and five and more. It could be more. What are you know but this offer Dan? It's an offer they can't refuse. That's all we know. We know that the bengals are going to accept the offer. The part of hard part is getting number three because if they get into three. They're very clearly getting number one because it's godfather offer they can't refuse. Let me explain today and how this works once. You're the dolphins and you committed to give up the third and fifth. Pick it tonight after all in you will go as far as you need to go to get the Bengals to say yes. You'll eventually put the offer in front of them that they want the can't say no offer. It might not be three and five but the dolphins will not stop until they get a. Yes. That's how the Godfather offer works well. Billy's got a different definition. I don't know why Roy has written on the group Chat Gif Oh I know what that means. But I don't know what it is. That Royce thinking billy. Your thoughts are what on the Godfather offer? That's not actually a godfather offer. Because it can. She had fo- Danza Godfather. Obviously in Godfather off right though is just takes your kids if you die okay..

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