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By into do with one leg trying to prove my. Man, Katie trigger trigger. 'cause I let you finish Chan. Why you gotta cut me off to make up about two weeks. Now nigga let me finish. Come on. So you beat a do with one leg, then you beat the fifty four pound at sixty then you beat the old dude and core buff, which is controversial now you're going back down to fifty four like how am I duck? And you when you don't have a legitimate hundred sixty pound win. What is legitimate win? He can't get one guy to get ring was mandated say he won't it could never just meant franchise Tepi moving up when we all know that, that we've been asking about. I've been excellent. We're going to do about the thing to it three times now. And we see what they. So my do you recall anyone else in a similar situation as Charles before in this very same division and do you know what they did? How did they come from underneath that whole? Garlan similar situation. I can think of is in another division, no, no. Once upon a time. The knotty galore skin was Jamaal Charles of, you know, once upon a time he was fighting canes that the hardcore fans called canes once upon a time he was calling out Cannella in Canelo said, he'd and fight anybody me gal Koto did an interview with me saying he'd fight anybody in, I almost got kicked out. The press say how you gonna tell me any final body when you bought the fight the duty knocked out. Okay. So being ducked to avoid it because you ain't fight in nobody. That's part of boxing. You gotta fight somebody eventually triple g faced people and the public demanding. But since you're banging, drums, so much, I would like you to tell me do you think that Jamaal Charles oh, and the demand. For him to fight Cannella is as big as the demand for Ganapati Gluskin and Cannella to fight each other. You know, remember that can Nello in Granada got in each other's rings like the public at least knows who both men are. Fair. Both guys were promoted by HBO and we all know HBO is trying to make that fight for the longest. So of course, the, the, the fans are going to know who HBO does a great job at producing content for guys. But I won't go to quick, so Liam sniff was mother's urban. D'amato. Let me let me. Sixty. Kidding. You can 'cause when he got something to say. Didn't you just read a super superjet? No, I I didn't even starting. I say Liam Smith. You come in. Axiom. So you saying Liam Smith is more deserving than Jamaal, Charles, my statement. Because you're you're, you're, you're infecting the minds of the casual listeners that are listening by getting full, I'm telling the truth. So. Telling the truth Mike telling the truth. Okay. So then, unfortunately, Mike doesn't even know you know, the difference between a lie in the truth. Jamal trawler is one hundred sixty Pounder..

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