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The in the idea that you should not be able to aboard a child it's going to have a difficult life anyway raids going to have a difficult life number one because the mother doesn't one it but then numbertwo because they have down's syndrome as well and what if you don't have the money for the medical care that somebody with down's syndrome is going to the union imagine childhood that that could be potentially millions of dollars i don't know what it would be but it's not going to be cheap yeah and you know some people might want to abort the child because they know i can't afford this kid it's going to suffer it's going to go to it's going to have to go to special schools and things like that and they won't be able to afford a it'd be one thing if some anti abortion grew would put together the funding to adopt every single child that you know people want to abort and pay the mothers to go through the process of the labour unfortunately in that's not allowed because that's considered selling a child really yes some of the things that people say well why don't the anti abortion people do x because it's not allowed you have a was able to do it if they could possibly because it's one thing to go it's one thing to go out there in front of planned parenthood and hold up a bunch of signs of like aborted fetuses and make a big stink it's a whole other thing to actually have to take care of a bunch of unwanted children right so so it's a legal you're saying to pay somebody to have a child so that they can adopt later that's a legal yes he's and that's as i understand it now it's different sarah gets his in uh but if that's where you decide in advance right yeah so you find somebody in advance of them getting pregnant and we can pay you to have carry our child it's after the fatwa and it's low your pregnant here's money i want to be your then selling a child and that's illegal it's ridiculous okay i didn't know that in a because that was about to ask that what about gay couples that you know have people have their children solve its planned ahead of time it's okay but.

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