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All those questions will be answered at two thirty five to twenty. We're going to be joined by the aforementioned, Holly home, the preacher's daughter. She is getting a title shot as I just said on July six against Amanda news. In Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to talking to her. What happened to the Aspen lad flight is this her last crack at UC built why did she sign a new six five deal? All those things. We'll be answered at two twenty two o'clock. We're going to be joined by the F or mentioned Tyron Woodley. The former welterweight champion sweet air pods and that pick. How's life been without the belt house last month in for him? What's he up to? Why is he taking this rematch? Where any other fights offered? We'll talk about that one forty. We'll talk to his teammate Ben aspirin there is funky. And yes, I know he's been on quite often lately. But there's a lot going on. Now. Arnaud what's going on with Muslim? I want to get his response that video has put out in the parking lot of I hop. Did. You see that? There was amazing. It was classic. So I want to get an update from funky one twenty five we'll be joined by Josh Emmett talked to him about that big win over Michael Johnson this past weekend. I mean, this is a guy who had a broken or. Orbital who had vertigo who still can't feel the left side of his mouth gums are completely numb still from all that had multiple surgeries have emergency surgery apart getting home from Orlando to Sacramento he was on the shows last year, and he has just been through so much..

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