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This we will have forever. It is very very very different but I am not filled with nostalgia saying I am filled with wonder about Sierra Canyon and everybody involved with the embracing the new way and so I was looking backwards that night I was looking forwards. Thanks Brian Coming up another family story this time about the bills goodbye. Twenty nineteen goodbye windows. Seven Dell's this holiday. Sales are the perfect time to say. Hello to twenty twenty and a windows. Ten upgrade save big under latest business computers powered by Intel core processors officers. Don't forget to shop. Servers storage and thousands of top brand electronics. All with Free Shipping Call Small Business Technology Advisor to help you find. Find the right tech- for your business needs at eight. Seven seven by Dell. That's eight seven seven by Dell or visit Dell dot com slash business deals. Here's another story. I want you to know on Sunday night. The buffalo bills play the Pittsburgh steelers lers and it's going to be a historic moment. Not just because it's Buffalo's first Sunday night game in twelve years but also because it'll be the first time in in more than ninety years that's three brothers will play in an NFL game on Pittsburgh side you've got traded men's running back and Terrell admits the the team strong safety and I'm Buffalo. There's tremaine plays linebacker trae. Terrell and Tremaine aren't the only brothers in the NFL. Of course there are at least two other players on the steelers alone with siblings in the League linebacker. TJ What has jj and Derek Marquees pouncey. Pittsburgh Center has has Mike but the edmonds are unique in several respects last year when Tremaine and Terrell were both drafted. It was the first time the two brothers had ever ever been picked in the first round at the same time. What I love about? Their story is dot while their Father Ferrell was a former. NFL tight end. The entire family attributes much of the boys success. Their mother Felicia according to a piece by the athletics. Lindsey Arcangelo when the edmonds brothers were young Felicia who is a PE teacher train them and speed and conditioning. She would wake them up for school two run laps in hills and have them sprint. While holding potato chip they could not break in their hands to teach them how to move without tensing up. All three boys went to Virginia Tech remain would bring his teammates home. His mom's workouts left them exhausted. Now that all three are in the. NFL She no longer trains them since they don't get home very often but she'll be there on Sunday rooting for all of for boys and I imagine particular form too many times and this has been. ESPN DAILY ESPN. Daily is produced by Michael. Bolton era era troy Farkas Alexandre hyacinthe. Mike John's Sarah Kazadi Steve Martin Ryan and Tell David Sarossy Andy tennant eve. Tro Chris to Manila in Erinvale..

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