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<hes> Christmas special compliments after so that would have been added in June so I waited I would have gone to be in the May also pivotal around. That really wasn't a yeah yeah. I did the Christmas Special K. D. Lang She's. She's a lesbian an outlet but she had to support the guilty was doing it. Debra meeks off Katie long but I never had an undeveloped. Oh you know feel like a meal and again really. Eh this rejection doing this said Nossa Paul one out of date a couple of times Sanchez frightened to me still loan not really I just I think he's when we remembered as liberal archie and this and all business so I think he thinks small straitlaced than actually as well but we'll see instrumental to your coming out process says the remember what it was like in the eighties there was Andy Bell the walls boy George on the world's Jimmy Somerville from the Communists and it seemed like they were sort of alone trio were they were out proud gay men very much so very much so it's actually a straight friend of mine in school it we grew up together. Who took me to my <hes> Fest Rague Coach from Wales did it coach trips and and that was in Manchester the Apollo <hes> so he introduced me so that if you like it was when operatic was more who had been nine hundred ninety one so early ninety s so he introduced to them so it's like the music like evident? About how outrageous is you know proper in your face. Uh so you last two weeks at home after telling your dad the anti-family the guy but we would so like upset I guess about Your Dad's reaction the will tell and did you ever gonna live at home again. No one ever embarking thought once ago that Sir I went to live in New York for year with my then boyfriend marks now she puts up she said gear deposit for flat and you can live here and his parents were brilliant is non was great. <hes> Brits very a strange because my mom and dad together all allies quite lucky to have grandparent's together. All the lives see think they'd have a bit more structure in support in me. Really you know I think the issue is the bit you know the black sheep just because of all lows not one little thing you know being gay you know is <hes> can go funny candidate remand especially you know so. Did you dad ever come round. Did you ever accept we've actually talking about doing this. <hes> Moon Moon An- raise your gig at the weekend <hes> I was saying to the the other guy plays cable said you don't want about doing this into still yep. That's come round. Now isn't a gym. I needed that support than I don't need it. Now you know now I've got me degree. I agree with you know and social worker and everyone's saying are well Marx done. Oh yeah yes done well but I wanted that then not now not knowing you know he asked for list of you knew you know people down the pub. Really you know it was all about him really at the time so I said some furnace we'll actually no. I said I'm going to do it and say what happened. You know and willing to do that said no because he's all right now you say is but he's not really because fortieth five years ago it was come into that went through the motions got ready and the news too ill and then he didn't come so I thought he's still not really there and said this term no because I don't care anymore in a way that you know not another don't care about Emma. Loving me's me data thin. I just think he's that's just the way yes. He's quite selfish generally anyway but now I'm grown up now. I'm an adult myself so that's why I wouldn't say in it into because what's it GonNa achieve now well plus you've have gone on us and it's twenty years water under the bridge and you have gone on and forged a career an ally fear self you know outside of wiles and we would you say you're happy. Yes M. P.. Go about once a month so you know I do the right thing and go and see the folks small but my life see now befriends area and when I left home at ninety five I felt like that's when Malaysia begun really so lucky you know that I've got the the friends and the social network around me for did enough then it might have been very different parts of it like Dr Walter came to Manchester unique after from York with mark and things just <hes> went from trump's trump really found your own gay family. Yes yes ma'am gay family a Ya champion for the things were cool with Imam though I guess. When did you have a conversation with your Mama's well yeah? I'm very look in the that's <hes> that's lifting Wales all his life. He met my mom when she was sixteen this ten years between them too so he took to Wales because it was a good place to bring up kids so my grandparents my mom's mom and dad moved from from London moved over to be near them so it's very lucky lke that <hes> I had my mom's side really 'cause my granddad was cool about the Ghaith. He lived in London for God's sakes when he is the only warm including Mama chilly who's actually said when monogamous Diana cancer he was in the kitchen kitchen is the memory move sound the words up and he said in front of my brother and everyone he said you're the only one you know who knows what this is like said Mai Mai Mai he said twelve on your shoulders. You know not tell anyone he could've told someone she that this breast cancer and she could have at a few more years but she waits to rip throat. When didn't tell anyone so I saw is the only person to this day who said out loud and publicly you know not been embarrassed about saying about his grandson? So is the only one have. To nothing so is equating the fact that you lived with a seat crew that was sort of eating you up really fat for a number of years with with his wife was going through yeah yeah and he's the only one avenue including my mother. Actually it's funny isn't it as gay people seem of these these big moments and then now whenever talks about it for the rest of you live no no. I find it really sad. You know like you say that's what bums. This is the gay family really because we've all got that sale to sell you know no no one's worse so bad than the than the other story. I think it's it's funny. I've different people react you know and the people expect to be supportive on always and the ones you think going to be shocked a fine about it. You know my brother's got three nephews. I just hope and I've never again. We'll know it wouldn't mean began really well. Brother Miss sister-in-law by think if you've got kids I'd personally I I wouldn't do that to my own. Child really says craziness. What was it like coming out to siblings then? Did you have to guys. We're process that <hes> yeah when we were going through that coming out thing with the and developing a lot my brother to one side and we in <hes> in a bar and I told him while I was going to do those going right to moment dowden Salome and unleash <hes> and even Easter to me accounts held out so I just wanted somebody on my side before I- leashed on them so yeah I did tell Bertha was the first person I told you about from saying. Don't tell dad how did they react pretty blase which was good you know who told her to do a lot but <hes> but fine about him finally me. It's not really an issue for you. Siblings don't think is because he caught up and your own little world thank you well. It can be evidence. Everyone's got different story of discovered for doing this book okay yeah well. I was lucky then in that respect that he was east cool about certain as say. He's got three kids now when he's totally cool about certain fouts he's he actually says you know. One of them stunned Jones with you. One of them is going to be gear so I'd say that totally totally they will let me sister-in-law's really cool about the thing so yeah and you find any was gay person that you don't just once you end up almost continually newly we had any problems since coming out as an adult. No nothing all people people say you know I've been up in very very lucky no bullying in no mickey-taking but I think again from school when I hit again you know the gay found in almost par the group so I'm a big part that group and I've got you know be I may so don't get any any schiff you lie can even mistreat mates eight. Sometimes it's bouncer. If anyone else called me home or they go out punch him in the face they can call me home. It's fine because it's different relationships in the people yeah okay so if you had an advance to impart to to the people people at the beginning of their journey what you say I'd say do it sooner rather than later <hes> be true to yourself. Don't waste those years you know of. Possibly you know meeting. Some mom don't waste them. You never get in the back again. Don't please of the people and that's where I was doing trying to please. Everyone nop sat the parents. Don't do it. Just be true to yourself if the do take it badly. They'll just get over it will have to you know. It sounds like you regret it not coming out. Some eighteen really yeah I do yeah. I think didn't have such a fantastic time. From when I I did come out you know then maybe at feel different. I don't know but I think you've gotta be ready and yourself. Yeah Yeah I do miss. Those years is actually because you never going to get them back. I was GonNa say sixteen and then I realized because if your age probably was illegal because it was a different age concern for gay man wasn't it was it was <hes> twenty-one. I'm sorry twenty one wasn't it then it went to eighteen and eventually became cool yeah. I know I'm going to Matt Matthew. Kelly was obviously a gay mounted been married of your so it was another way of doing that because he took us all to a gay nightclub in crews and you know I mean it was amazing. Brilliant Bank Accounts Enough Nice things about he was so supposed to everyone offscreen. You know an onscreen amazing guy so matthew helped me the guy as well yeah yeah great guy he with all contestants you know he's just brilliant great things about him. Merely very supportive bloke so.

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