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Let's go to question e._s._p._n. Sucks that's what i want. Sir let me let me let me rephrase that in at all mainstream media sucks i can't think of. I don't think the i don't like the n._f._l. Network either that much <hes> f s this one nope <hes> for me. I don't watch too much of that stuff anymore to put it bluntly. <unk> jeremiah wants to know. Do you think that this dealers hand can the operative word is can not will can they win the super bowl this year. Absolutely i mean i think they can <hes> will is a different story but yes i think they're talented enough on both sides of the bottle when a super bowl i do i agree. I think that they are capable of winning a super bowl this year like you said you're not predicting that they will but you're saying that they are capable. I think there definitely are capable you. Don't you don't why jeff because quote quote bid is motivated did he. He's enjoying football joining football again eureka eureka and it while he should be happy because he has his team back jack. Who's going to challenge them now. No one exactly they're all little minions. I call it a little bit lineup binion's. It'd be there little binion's a t shirt you get a picture of like grew with the number seven jersey in the hey. Hey hey if you if i see that t shirt out there you took it from us like this you better you better give shirts or somehow incorporate us in the ah yes great grass great jeff being yes bid grew grew with the number seven jersey on and the denizens who i've never seen we'll have number eleven. Dan will have all these number bird one of them with a headset on time. I'm all right so let's go to snowman. He's put five dollars in the tip jar via the super chat which by the way i'll go mentioned this. The super chat features the way that you can give some money to the program and where you see. Where's this chat publicly b._t. As he's jewish radio to the right there's a small dollar sign you click that dollars. You can donate any amount of money to the show. We appreciate anything that you're willing to give but on top of that understand that it'll highlight your question and we'll guaranteed answers. A lot of people ask questions. We can't get all them but we will get yours. If you use that feature. You don't have have to use it but you can in his questions. Will the steelers go after a tight end before the start of the regular season lands. I believe so. I think it's imperative that they do do. I don't think anybody in steeler nation is is comfortable with <hes> savior grumble being the backup tight here they. I think it's imperative that they do because you know when you look at their offense if you look at the snap counts from formation perspective they run a lot too tight end stuff. I mean i think that's their second. Most popular formation behind eleven personnel which is three receivers wore running back for three hours. He was one tied in but you need a you need to be able to have two tight end. Sets you need to be able to make defenses play heavy and you attack them in the passing game by being able to get your tight ends matched up one on one against linebackers. That's a popular popular way. That teams are attacking guys. Offensively inish dealers need that secondary tight end threat. I mean i mean nobody really liked that. Guided added went to the lion's. Amine solid player <hes> but they need a secondary tied anger. I agree in vance mcdonald. Donald had a pretty decent year last year in terms of health but his m._o. Up until last season was that he is an injury prone player in that scary that is really scary <hes> <hes> because i think he can be in mismatched nightmare..

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