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And I expect that, they'd explore, you know, all those possibilities as they emerge, and probably the most intriguing possibility would be if the Astros are the team to make a deal with the Cleveland Indians for Trevor power because of all the history that you have there. Do you. I mean look we saw last year. Jeff did not shy away from adding Roberto as soon a- it at time when no other teams were willing to take them on. Would he actually think consider adding Trevor Bowers too much there? I don't know that can interesting one. You know, I think that at least consider it right? I mean he's back good of a picture, and actually Brent Strom. The actress pitching coach is known Bauer for a long time back from their days at the Texas baseball ranch. So be an interesting possibility if, if it was viable there might there might be too much there in the in the back of background. But I don't know that that's an interesting hypothetical. All right. Forty five seconds left eye earlier in the year when I was around the dodgers, it's clear that team has a big chip on a shoulder losing the World Series two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen and there is a lot of motivation in that clubhouse. What's your sense of that with the Astros after they weren't able to go back to back last year? Yeah. I think even last year it was still there. You know, I think part of it is they, they have a bunch of guys who weren't on that twenty seven team who were core parts of this team like Garrett Cole and Michael Brantley those guys have never won World Series. So I think that, that helps kind of keep that fire going, and these and these players also just, you know, they they've felt that sensation. Once they, they wanna win again last year. I think it was the injuries just mounted on them, and they they their offense regressed they, they didn't have the same offense at that your before, but this year, especially if they add a another starter trade deadline, I think they seem they seem plenty hungry to get back there. Well, as you know, Jake is you get asked the same question. I do who do you root for. I always say roof for interesting stories, and the most interesting outcome at the trade deadline would be Trevor Bauer to the Astros. That's what I'm rooting for. I don't know about you. Thanks for doing this. Thanks buster. Are you a big guy fed up with clothes that don't fit? Here's a tip head to d- XL, anyone can make a bigger shirt, but DSL makes clothes that actually fit. It's all they do want to know their secret. Okay. They've spent years developing their own sizing patterns to make sure it's a comfortable fit every time and every size. Good luck finding that anywhere else. So head to d- XL dot com and check out a store near you, d excelled big and tall built for you at DSL dot com. Baseball tonight weekend warrior. Bob Kendrick is the president of the negro leagues..

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