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Keep taking in that you know that boy touched a lot it my heart heard when i watch that an an and i feel bad for the generally felt bad for the kid because i believe that kid was ito in in in there's a we we coddle children nowadays to the point where we don't let them deal with situations and many times we think a child's being bullied but i have seen what it's like first hand with my little brother and some of the stuff that he's gone through because he he he's got some issues and while he is mainstream there are some issues that he has had and he does it quite get all the stuff so when people have picked on him in the past he's not quite getting it which in some ways i guess is good but it's pissed my family off and rightly so and and he's come home at times they'll when he has started to get it and and the teachers don't always do the things we hear about like kid points its finger the kids suspended for ex ynz you know and he's got to go to special therapy we are about that stuff we are about all kinds of stuff hell my friend i saw going to date she says this because we're talking about you know you can do all kinds of things you could say something to somebody nowadays you get trouble last year her son gunnar cooler kid love me some gun gun pay he got pants then he toronto pants the kid they took guttering and said that they could charge him with sexual assault are you insane so while there is that over craziness there's a lot of teachers out there who just like a and last year abandoned.

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