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Notre Dame wide receivers of mine first goes to Chile James Claypool four five and six catches in the first three games great news for the yearbook Irish fans Michael young back for the first time he broke his collarbone in August and we expected to play today what I expect a huge game for rear game for Chris Chris we have only a seven catches on the year thanks for this huge game with him moving him around to different formations I really find watching the film the Virginia in their back and really has trouble when the guy moved before the snap and that's Chris Irish today it's not a five minutes now so kick off Cavaliers and the Irish so Michael young is back out wide in the backfield severe Smith church after the Louisville game has missed the last two ball games he also was expected back as we all kind of wait for the Irish running game outside of Tony Jones to get your engineers this first two Karishma for touchdowns forget that in a local so he had a jump start to the season I'm excited to see what he can do now with the comfort and and now it's like him just told us that he can do that at the college level not seen his run out over the field yet we anticipate the I was coming out. office of line Liam Aiken Berkson issues this week he'll be at left tackle but if he can't potentially go the entire time we were told yesterday that their banks would spend some time out there as well air bags six six three twenty five a huge man. the project and also they have the ability to put in trouble rule in Holland run hard as well our position so we'll see what happens. three minutes forty seconds now would so kick off in last week at this time we're thinking about the Irish defense going up against Jake from yeah the arms race with most of the game they did a terrific job now it's all about Bryce Perkins one of the best dual threat quarterbacks in the country is about to take the field and see what he could do against that I received and I'm glad you brought that up because a totally different monster in Bryce purchase.

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