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And she treated us like her daughter daughters she always gave a stage advice she was quick with like a know quick with one liners things that make you think really deeply and challenge all the things that you think you know about the world um and so i think she created a space where we felt safe number one we felt protected in where we were not pitted against one another to compete for man's money end or their gays and so i think that even in that sense that the art the space of the club that i worked at was a shepherded and created and shaped by a woman also helped create an environment where we were able to sit with was set with one another backstage and hear stories and share experiences or gossip about some of the guys out front tour to thirsty or to grabby or to whatever um in so but hearing you know largely for me when i'm always deeply disappointed by when i hear stories about folk are women engaged in sex industries or the sex trade or sex work is that they are rarely ever heard from there just seen as these objects that pass by that spin around on a pole that don't really necessarily have a backstory or a voice in so from me in both of my book says very clear in intentional about ensuring that i gave these women that i spent so much a my youth with so much of my coming of age and coming to self with that i gave them the proper do um the only other writer that i've seen do that same kind of work would be someone like you know the amazing queen that is the literature to me i'm tony morrison she's done that consistently in her work where she gives voice to sex workers um.

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