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The second attempt to try Dennis Oland for the murder of his father has hit a major snag today. A judge in New Brunswick declared a mistrial after ruling that a police officer conducted improper searches on potential jurors in the case in twenty eleven the prominent businessman, Richard Oland was found dead in a pool of blood in his Saint John office. A jury originally found his son Dennis Oland guilty of the murder that conviction was later overturned. Mr. Ohlund has always maintained his innocence. Now, the trial will proceed with no jury and be decided by judge alone. Alan gold is Dennis Owens defense. Lawyer we reached him in Saint John mister gold ear client Dennis Oland. And his mother were all smiles as they left the court today. How did you client take the news of in this trial took it very well because it leads to? Judge alone trial, which which we had wanted and apply for and benign successful because the law didn't allow the crown's consent. So yes, we're happy. Because of what happened that's can tell us it may be in layman's terms, what this police officer did that led to this mistrial, certainly the the supreme court of Canada has has emphasized in two thousand twelve and a series of cases the importance of juror privacy. So when people come forward to know willing to serve on a jury they have a right to privacy. And we're not allow to investigate them the way it's done some American courts. And so these very strict limits on one information, the police atten- look at in connection with perspective. Jurors they can look to see if they have a criminal record. Or if there's some other qualification that excludes from jury duty, but you're not allowed to research each and every contact they may have had with police officers. And is that with the policeman did and not apparently is what the policeman did in this case. He didn't tell anybody to ask words, he then told the crown, of course, had to tell us and that led to the successful motion for mistrial. Why would it matter? The how how could you just I know you're limited in what you can say. But what was that? What would knowing how much contact any previous contact or or feelings about the place?.

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