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And the reason i did it was because of mike is point that i've always seen that apple's products are very high quality and so that was the end result i was looking for but we'll have to wait another week whether it turned out as well as i hoped next week's topic right there for your thoughts on that let's go to our last topic which comes from shali about six years ago dan you wrote an article for macworld about using the i've had and only the ipad for work an idea that was a bit daring back then to my question is what do you find yourself using or not using your mobile devices for now that you might have never expected i'm going to have to say just i think it's just the simple fact that there's so much more that i can do on even just my iphone that before i would run to my mac to do like my man gets to take a break after five pm for most of the time because i can remember one time this has been a couple years ago or maybe three or four i can't remember it's been a while ago and i was at c s and there was a a quick story that i wanted to put together and at the time i was working for a video news company and so making a story means making video and i remember going around and capturing it was like it might as well been an apple commercial i went around was capturing the footage of different things that i wanted and i just leaned myself up against a poll so that i knew that i wasn't standing in anyone's way and i sat there with my phone turned into landscape mode and i made the entire video on my iphone in movie and was able to then take it and drop it into dropbox and then go into slack and send that link to the person who was on the ground in columbia missouri who was the one uploading our content and all of that i was able to do the full extent of my job right from my phone and so that like that's incredible and the same thing double goes for the ipad my talked before about how much i love my ten point five inch i had pro it is my hitchhikers guide to the galaxy it is a perfect size it's got all the functionality i want and because i'm a monster apparently i frigging love the keyboard that the smart keyboard case whatever the heck it's called i love that keyboard i love typing with that keyboard i love how feels i it's great and so i can do so much from the ipad that i would normally do on my mac and so my mac is mostly left for things that require two screens or require some superintendents editing audio video everything else i can do on my phone or my ipad and that's fantastic i feel free jeff what about you i'm going to echo dan what he said earlier for me unexpected thing is a lot of home kit stuff controlling lights and switches partially that is the tiein with siri being able to do it by voice what's i mean doing lights that's that's one thing surprisingly what i find more useful is just to have a few you know on off smart switches for example the printer that we own is upstairs in my office and i would say ninety percent of the time that my wife and i need to print something we are downstairs in the living room rather than you know come up turn it on wait for it to heat up go back down print the thing literally i just invoked the magic hey you know who command and say turn on the printer and it happens print the whatever it is even printing from the iphone and then you know ask it to turn the printer off it's sort of it removed a whole layer of irritation and for that like i love it i really didn't think this is gonna come back and bite me this many years later oh so yeah at the time that was kind of a big deal as an experiment because was fairly early on in the ipads life and you know if you'd asked me then part of me would have thought been six years from then i.

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