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God has given so much pasta to to to present to people in a way that would enrich their lives. Just put a camera in front of you in gopher it today. I'm speaking to two young mothers whose young single moms who are struggling with parenting. Okay then say something. Breathe life into the into their lives. You know read a passage of scripture that brings hope to them or have practical advice that so any issue that you are passionate about imposters are passionate about different things. Just bring that out and then mentioning on a sabbath morning this week on youtube i noticed that and every week you mentioned your channel every single week you mentioned your channel and then suddenly people will see that. That's where the conversation is happening. That's that's important and then it was slowly grow. Yeah but no committees no committees. Thank you for that. Thank you for that. I can't stand so many committees. So you're in tune with the digital marketing. You've you've you've looked at some stats regarding adverse and and can aware we are so for those who are looking for inspiration for those who are looking at. How can i engage with the the adventist conversation online to on youtube or others What are some current who are some current content creators that you might point people to what are some current youtube channels or or any social media really any any creators that that are out there. Okay so we've got Justin justin cole. He is his youtube channel. Is called that christian vlogger And he he doesn't have A very overt. I'm a seventh day. Adventist therefore no. He is a christian. Who's answering questions from the bible but of course all the time people ask you what your and he's very open very clear i'm a seventh adventist. Sabbath is important to me. Tell you and he goes through the bible so over the last year or two he had two and a half thousand people who said i want bible studies. That's an incredible amount of people that are that are. Yeah you know willing to study the bible based on a youtube channel. So that's one that i that i admire a lot You also have. What's up groups in namibia for example who are battling and planting churches through. What's up because the person receives the messages they love it. They start listening with groups of people in their homes. But then there's no adventist church near them. What did they do. So the whatsapp group tells them well invite more friends. And let's start a church in your house my house. Yes so they're what's church is being formed. Wow and it's really cool because they let's say sabbath school somebody that is remotely because the whole thing is remotely happens remotely you press the audio record in. What's up and say welcome to savage school today. We're going to discuss this that and the other and then they let gold. That audio goes when people receive that audio. The person who's doing the cyber school noses their turn and so they have this ace synchronous way of everybody taking part in this digital sabah's school lesson over what's up and here's the beautiful part if people have slow internet connection..

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