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Run by the VA if that is not your. Cam. Or you haven't had the best experience with the VA or don't want to go through that vehicle. There are also some fantastic nonprofits out there that are doing incredible work and one that I found really helpful in in compiling many different resources and methods for rehabilitation for veterans who are struggling with adjusting to civilian life or struggling with PTSD and depression, or suicidal thoughts is called mission. Twenty two mission twenty two the number twenty two here is somewhat dated now. But it used to be true that every day we lost twenty two veterans to suicide staggering awful now that number is is twenty but still far too high and acceptable and mission. Twenty two really focuses on understanding the nuance behind the underlying causes behind veteran suicide and has a bunch of different solutions and creative ways that they approach providing services to veterans if you got a mission twenty two dot com. Slash vet Intel. You'll find all of the ways that you can join forces with many, different, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations who have your back. I just want. Our veterans listening to know that we have your back. We have your backs like everyone should have their backs. Our country should have their backs individuals have their about everybody should be supporting service people. The only folks missing that mammoth seems to be congress. But that puts you in a long line of people that congressman failing lately, so I hope that you know, that we here at stuff. I'm never told you want to see more veterans continue to thrive and strive in our society together and to feel not alone. Especially women veterans who we know experience significantly higher rates of suicide than compared to our non military our civilian women population. So if you know a veteran, and you haven't talked to her in a while get out there reach out her life might not be that different from. Mm yours after all. So being the kind of person who facilitates connection can be a life saver. And honestly, you never know what someone's going through you never know who's putting on a brave face because they feel like that's what they have to do because they need to be a strong person or a tough person. Honestly, just check on our folks, I think is the most important thing and -solutely. So as many listeners we want to hear from you. We know that this is a big burly complicated. Subject matter that we tried to put together in a pretty concise podcast for you. And I know their stuff we missed. I know they're appoints that we want to add to the conversation. And that's why it's so critical that we keep this conversation going online in our inbox. You can tweet at us at mom stuff podcast. Find us on Instagram at stuff mom, never told you. And as always we love getting your emails at mom stuff at how stuff works dot com. Hello. I'm Anna Marie, and I'm Laurin vocal bomb, and our show foodstuff all about these science history and culture of food and drink is relaunching as saver re along with our super producer Dilling Fagin are hitting the road to find the stories behind all the things we like to eat and drink. We will be talking to the culinary creators and eaters of the world to get to the bottom of why we like what we like. And how we can find more of those things on our first trip. We went to Asheville North Carolina a city that pulled itself out of a seventy year, economic depression with beer and food. New episodes will be coming out Wednesday and Friday on apple podcasts.

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