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You have pornography and then you have this more like this demotic pornography. Okay so this next bits going to the next ninety seconds might get a little difficult to listen to. But here's what I have in my notes. Okay so police said they discovered a massive quote a massive amount of extremely graphic child pornography featuring children as young as three and four years old being raped by some reports as many as seven computers loaded with pornography were confiscated from the apartment according to the Richmond Times dispatch senior assistant. Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Jag oils. Later told judge Kimberly O'Donnell that there were as many as thirty movie files discovered on computers. That were removed from follies apartment. Some depicting acts with minors as young as one. This is this just tough to even read minors young as one or two years old and others featuring individuals ten to fourteen years old folly of course maintain that the computers were not his as you pointed out. He says they belong to a former resident of the apartment. No one was buying this load crap that he was trying to shovel Robert. This just proves how this guy's story changes constantly. He's always has some excuse for things and so that's when you really know that. Most likely whatever happened to her was at the hands of this individual so like we said this results in his arrest and also results in a second more comprehensive search of his apartment while that. But here's what's Great. We can put him in for these charges and then because of these charges we can go back and look for more evidence we can build our case and know exactly where he is and hold him and he can't do anything to get rid of evidence in the process so the things that they were looking for in the second search many of the items that were listed on the search warrant included things that would belong to Taylor. You know her clothing her her jeans. Black Hoodie sneakers. Black Watch bracelets Saint Francis Necklace student. Id Nokia Cell Phone and car keys. All of that's listed on the war also listed. Were skateboards sometimes. You WanNa put a generic term out there so you can take any skateboard that you find burglary tools. This would probably go back to his previous convictions. There are also looking for knives hammers shovels and pry bars. And then I found this to be strangers. Always something strange listed on these search warrants on here we have the ever suspicious pepperidge farm cookie boxes but yeah I couldn't figure out I have no idea why this would be on the warrant. The cops were hungry. I don't know if they had reason to believe that she would have had one of these cookie boxes in her possession at the time that she went missing and maybe that then they can go. Okay is it might be coincidence. But it also might be a sign that she was here right later that night. I don't have a complete look. Incomplete list of what was found in the apartment. But here's what we do know was taken out of the house. Pursuant to the search warrants women's white underwear a laptop computer a Macintosh computer a digital camera sex toys including dildos and spiked bracelets a knife. Two bags of clothes from a garbage can outside of the house a beaded necklace with a cross from this was removed from the garbage as well. A bicycle chain necklace. A watch from the garbage can a thirty five millimeter camera. A box containing bones. He collected weird things like that where everybody has a right to have weird shit. Oh Yeah Yeah we we we. We all probably own some weird shit rolls of film. I mean we probably don't have a bunch of dildos lane around A black brawl a machete. Cigarette BUTTS A prescription bottle skateboards they did find skateboards yearbook a hatchet. A hammer a pry bar a thirty two caliber cartridge and a partridge in a pear tree. I mean it just goes on and on and on the one thing. That was rather interesting of note here captain. Police also removed a section from a box spring that was stained with some kind of Reddish Brown substance they did include and executed a warrant for follies hair and DNA samples. Not Found Taylor cell phone that they were looking for her college. Id Her car keys again. Anything linking Fawley Ben Fawley directly to Taylor's disappearance does not seem to have been found just on the child porn possession alone police had enough to charge folly with a felony. And as you said hold him while they continue to build a case against him regarding Taylor's disappearance and they also charged him with a possession of a firearm because remember he's a convicted felon. He's not legally permitted to be in possession of a gun but the their investigation takes pretty interesting. Turn as far as because you you collected all the stuff but but where do you go from that? I mean that none of this other than the child porn pornography. Can you charge him with or like you said the the gun possession charged so you can add that on top of things but well. They're going to go to the public for help okay. Because on October eleventh police announced that they were specifically interested in the sightings of the following items between the dates of September fifth and September seventeenth. They WANNA know. Had anybody seen a white Ford escort? That's remember that's the vehicle. Virginia License Plate J. P. C. Twenty eight forty eight and they asked the public to call in sightings of the vehicle and a description of whomever may have been driving the vehicle at the time. They wanted to know who had been driving. Taylor's car around Richmond. During that time that they can't figure out where it was they also wanted people to report any sightings of of Virginia personalized license plates G. R. N. E. R. T. age. This was a plate stolen from a vehicle around the time Taylor disappeared and police believed it might have been in follies possession and they also sought information about that. Ohio state license plate as well right. So what's interesting to me is while they need the public's help it seems like they have a general idea of what was going on. At the time he abducted he did something to Taylor and was moving her vehicle round during the time that it was unaccounted for and he may have been switching out the plates multiple times along the way right. Because if you know this girl's missing you you see work kind of car. She has. How many people saw that car looked at the license plates and went while? That's not her car. Yeah yeah it also came out around the same time? The media reported that folly used his credit card to buy gas in new Kent County between Mathews County and Richmond on the night. That Taylor disappeared. So this really kind of to me would suggest that his later claimed that he was attacked. There doesn't seem to be any time left for that to actually have taken place. It's the old jussie. Smollet jumped farce. We got going on there. Meanwhile Taylor's family lawyer cleaned out Taylor's dorm room taking all of her possessions back to her hometown of Vienna and they stayed at Taylor's family basically stated even if she is found alive she's not going to be returning to vcu at this time. There's too much going on here and 'cause at this point you have to believe that she's -ducted and so if you do find her alive. There's no way that you're GonNa want her parents for her to be around that facility to have any of those bad memories well. Things are looking very very bleak by this time and now they're really honing in on folly and he's locked up and they can start. They WanNa start going through his social circles. Now we're going to publicly asked the public for help but we're going to get into his social circles and ask these people for help and one of the people that they come across. Is this young woman named Aaron who was also a VC use student and somewhat of a friend or acquaintance of Taylor's an oddly kind of looks like she could be related to tailor definitely. Looks like Taylor's mother like there's a lot of similarities there and she's a little older than Taylor She's twenty three at the time. Apparently she dated Ben Fawley for some time. I guess they only dated for a couple of months before Aaron broke up with him and she. She probably didn't WanNa come forward because of such an embarrassment that she dated this Douche in the first place well I think she was the one that the charges some of his previous convictions stemmed from so well. He had a history of these girls after a while. Yeah but oddly he would. He would start dating them and because let me take pictures of you. You're so beautiful. And he would make these girls feel like they're the best thing in the world but then that became all well now. I'm jealous of everybody else and I just love you so much. I'm jealous of everybody else and then become aggressive almost like self sabotaging the relationship like well. And here's the thing to captain going on. Now we've seen a lot of these types of cases anytime. Detectives think that we have somebody who needs to hide something that they never ever want anyone to find they start asking the people that know them best. Okay is there anywhere that he liked to camp or go fishing or go hunting. You know outdoor activities. What does he do and where does he go? They start talking to Aaron. They start showing her picture after picture from his. Pho- photography webpage because they need her to identify some of these locations. Here's picture tell us where you think this area is? Yeah who take pictures of girls and things like that but would also take pictures of old rundown sheds and you know just fields in in random items and locations so one photo that caught her eye. You know she's looking at photo after photo. Finally she sees one and she's like Holy Moly. This might be something here. This is a photo of an old abandoned house with like a Tin Lean to attached to it. The House was oddly enough located on her family farm. Which was about ninety miles away from Richmond in Mathews County right and I think he. She took there at some point. Maybe they've been shot. Shot those photos together well and remember we talked about folly purchasing gas with his credit card right out that night now all of a sudden this photo of an old abandoned house ninety miles away out in the middle of nowhere seems very important for all of our sakes. We need to avoid crowds any way we can right now. But what if you need.

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