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It is time for Jeff Bellenger from Bloomberg with his Casio. Uh, So Kevin Dean, our traffic I was saying, you must have played this a lot. You know, I probably did. I was thinking when it first came out that it was the theme from SWAT. It's not, but I can't place it. So what It's the Rockettes. Rockford Files, Mike Post. Okay, Mike Post was probably on MGM records. And I got you got you got that? Yes, that that that you guys, but Well, there. I was trying to have a state. Charlie's Angels with the theme from Charlie's Angels was their Dukes of Hazzard was on the radio at one time or another. I just I just couldn't place it. 25 0. Yes, I guess Maybe it was a regional thing because I heard it. When I was a kid. It was everywhere. Maybe it just seemed like it was everywhere because of this show. Probably all right. So let's get to some. Let's get to some news here, um, covert relief plan Joe Biden's covered relief plan. What is going on with this? Well as far as the markets. They're concerned. We have some skepticism. The optimism the initial optimism about the $1.9 trillion package has turned to a concern about the possibility number one that it could get watered down when it gets to Congress and then, secondly, that it might lead to tax increases. As far as economists are concerned, they're cautiously optimistic. We'll call it Economists say there's a lot to like in the plan, even if it's in perfect. One concern, they say, is that the relief will not be long lasting. Okay, let me just start with the horror. Okay, Now it's out of my system. General Motors may expand its Corvette line into what What? What Well, sources were telling Bloomberg. GM is considering building an electric vehicle inspired by the legendary sports car. The automaker could eventually introduce the whole family of Corvette branded vehicles. The most likely model is thought to be a crossover that combines an SUV and a sports car. No That's the answer that you're looking for. No, no, don't know. Well, I guess you've heard from LA Donna. Let's say that's all I have to say. One customer. They're not going to get right. Guess so. So should should. We have a hammer and hammer in the morning and hammer in the evening. All over this land. Thank you. Truly, Lopez is work, The Associated General Contractors of America says. Think about picking up a hammer. The organization's going to launch a nationwide recruiting campaign the spring There are literally hundreds of thousands of unfilled construction jobs across the country. Ah, vice president with the association says there is an impression that construction is a job of last resort. He says. The job's can actually be more rewarding than sitting in a fluorescent lit cube farm. And you know what? They make a really good point. I've actually done construction and it Z. I liked it a lot of pent up demand for travel. No joke. No kidding, And the tourism industry is optimistic now have vaccines arriving. But medical experts say we have to be cautious. They say people who have been vaccinated will still have to be careful because the vaccines air number one that 100% effective. And medical science still does not know whether people will be able to transmit the virus after they get their shots. The best guests at this point is that some freedom of movement will be allowed, but people are still going to have to wear masks. Alrighty Mass are going away. Jeff Bloomberg, Jeff Bloomberg. Why do I do that? I've died Do that. No, it does anybody else do that? No. No. Jeff Bellenger from Bloomberg will.

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