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Third images from the from the hit movie the snapchats year they s oil the movie and the book of that mean like you get you get the ending where he's become santa claus because it's just it's and this is you harmonising rationalisations of books i think my novels asian of the super mario brothers movie was the same way as all the pictures are right in the middle from bought for binding purposes yet and so you're at like chapter five he hasn't even accepted that he santa claus yet and it's the end of a movie in the photos yeah so dumb all right we're gonna wrap up if you the listener has uh have opinions on santa claus or uh there have used my fill in some gaps in this in the santa method how degraded he gets around the world so quickly hat how dc thing yet we i mean time zones can only happiest so much yeah there's not multiple santa's it's just hatch no there are not multiple sand there's only one out the book does not allude to time being whibley wobbly for santa claus would doing the movie sorted does how none of it i don't know it already is inadequate atlanta and we we clearly need help so of you listener can help us uh please hit us up we have an email account overdue potted gmailcom we have a facebook and twitter account at overdue pod i have a shortlist of folks who have reached out to us since we post our last episode um some good responses to the book the they include shanta bo jenny jazz brendan michael alexis a briton nick lipsey melissa ryan and mary kate page lauren in inga thanks so much andrew folks one know more about show worship the go over to pakistan com sr website what's their links to i tunes and are assessed feed and our who will play page you can subscribe to the show with all this thing.

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