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Hill that outlines eight specific signs that point to this that are i think pretty irrefutable and carries right there are people inside our intel agencies who would like to talk and sources of mine even if they got protection or supposed subpoenas still wouldn't wanna talk because they don't trust democrats or republicans to be able to protect them and pursue the truth which is very sad i think it's a book go back i want you to go through a little more details of your time line and you know the the moments that stuck out the most for you in terms of that sort of set the stage that they had at least more power than they ever had before and the danger of course arises if you have power you're going to abuse that power and in fact it happened just like civil libertarians warned after nine eleven when we make changes for all the right reasons to try to make it better so that we can better protect ourselves against terrorism and things like that there tends to be abuses and the intel community especially bad actors will use that to go too far and maybe swing pendulum in the wrong direction but one thing that didn't get a lot of tension that is pretty clear on the timeline is that anti russian ukrainians allegedly how coordinated executed campaign against trump in partnership with the democratic national committee news reporter this is laid out very clearly yet i don't think it's the subject of anybody's investigation that's foreign influence in our election not to mention the foreign influence of the yemenborn expert spy christopher steele who we know is integral involved and the fbi used ham and use his political opposition research we know about the orchestrated leaks that i've gone through some of those one right after the other and order some of them on completely false information but all of them antitrump so all of them one way or another design again and what seems like an orchestrated operation against president trump so those are just a few things and look over your piece keri pickett and based on my own experience kind of leading with my chin here with a few there has been a number of us that have been out in front of the story and getting the crap out of us every day but be improving right every other day is that at the heart of all of.

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