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Tuesday in recognition of growing public pressure the cook county board of commissioners can you imagine how crooked these guys her while there's got to be dazzling is where i grew up in cook county of course nor sure chicago the cook county board of commissioners voted 15 to wonder roll back the tax effective as of december first it's a major victory for big soda and the post puts big soda in caps they capitalised big and they capitalised soda because now it's like big oil big pharma they declare war against anything that's big except harvey weinstein which is spent millions on buys lobbyists send political contributions in the county it's also the second blow this year to the soda tax movement it's a movement again which suffered a defeat in santa fe new mexico in early may advocates of that movement it's a movement which include a number of top public health groups and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg have advanced the taxes as a means to fight obesity while also raising revenue for local jurisdictions what a coincidence but critics say wait a minute are the critics going to be critical i'm just i'm wondering because sometimes i've noticed when the media tees up critics there they're often critical but critics say the collapse of the cook county tax proof that the national soda tax movement is losing its momentum the commissioner richard boy can who represents the west side of chicago said it doesn't matter if your tax to you or sugar uh eventually people will say enough is enough you know people have had it with you you statists with you dictators with youth or a terrence with you smug selfrighteous ilie what are you all skinny show me a picture of the cook county board of commissioners i want to see these guys i grew up in chicago i'll bet money either of shows sausage eaten bears jersey wherein but they don't even drink bud light blood ghazlan momma but like guys everybody knows nothing this is not going to be the kip keino crowd kip keino i still think reference to kip keino they're not going to be felt they're not going to be lane harvey weinstein isn't going to try to grow perry of them i'm pretty sure has i should be tucher another failed leftwing big.

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