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Well, the modeling studies that have been done suggests that you have to raise the price of a can of soda by about twenty percent. In order to see any meaningful reduction in consumption. Let's dig is also in favor of limiting the availability of sugar removing vending machines from schools. For instance, also banning TV commercials for products with added sugar. Also getting rid of subsidies subsidies for food. Make no sense because subsidies distort, the market. Okay. One last question, perhaps ridiculous or impossible. But. Let's say we're in a world where you could edit jeans quite easily and seems not that far from it. Whether we're talking about a fifty year old person, or as I go, how would you consider editing the genes related to what seems to be a craving perhaps even dangerous craving for sugar. Well, that's a really tough question. We don't want to turn off our reward system in tirelessly. If we do we actually get into trouble. We actually did this. We did this experiment with a medicine back in the early two thousands medicine was called Ramana bent. And what it was was. It was the anti marijuana medicine. It blocked the Endo Canaveral receptors in the brain. And by doing so reduced reward for alcohol and for food. In fact, people who took Ramon event lost a fair amount of weight. And it looked very promising until we started looking at the face three data and started realizing that a lot of these people became severely depressed. And in fact, many of them committed suicide, and we didn't realize it until we did those face retrials, and it was never approved here in the United States. Bottom line is if you take away reward you take away. The reason for living. So being careful about gene editing a rewards system. Most of the regulatory measures that Robert lusty would like to see around sugar lie somewhere between unlikely and impossible at least for now in any case. We asked a bunch of people in Times Square. They thought of to adventure. Sugar is one of the best things in the world. Should be taxed either probably attacks. But not a van. Because they don't think fan would work very, well, maybe a tax with I have people think about what they're buying a bit. We're off talk that was backfire really bad because look at the back, and they're assure war British attacks on T and people don't really like that too much. So totally right. A love of sugar seems from what we can tell pretty universal including among the scientists. And doctors we've been speaking with today from Richard Kahn, formerly of the American diabetes association. One clear thing that comes to mind is just pleasure sugars enjoyable to eat..

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