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Should probably had back. I'm losing in Business Down here bananas. We'll get back into the truck before you take off. Oh wait wait wait. The truck won't start. What are we GONNA do frade? There's only one thing we can do. Geyer is loud will be right bat grownups. This message is for you. If your child plays video games for hours on end. Perhaps you consider that antisocial but these days walling yourself off from the real world could be the center of your social life. Today's Today's games offer more avatars and experiences that reflect real life. I'm Joshua Johnson subscribe to one A. on N._p._R.. As we explore the social side of gaming that's to the shell <music> Hi thanks for calling in the world after the beep get ready to record Indian Garros Manager. My Name's Aurora and my name is sage. Were from truckee California. My well on the road is that every average person makes five pounds of trash a day and my why won't the world is that America uses enough straws to wrap around the world twice by my Indian Guy Roz. We love your show. Hi Mindy Guide rise. My name is eleanor and I live in Denver. Colorado Mile in the world is that Cobra snakes have flaps of skin on their next that shootout when they are scared in <hes> they have like a design like a face on them. Does that could scare other animals away but <unk> girls. I love your show so high Reggie for me hi mindy my name is Connor. Iowa was that best analyst Glazer's can run on water without sinking in King does ritchie play video games spa. Hello my name's Max and I'm from Holly They Aitken cut and my wow and that fire salamanders are poisonous by highland yankers. My name is violet and I live in Austria. Marijuana world is ZIP. Strawberries are not really berries but watermelon Pumpkins Bananas Avocados. Are I love your show say hi to Reggie Dennis and Graeme Adieu Force for me. Hi Mundine Garas Minding His grace and hi Jason Nelson British Columbia Canada my around the world is that most. I don't manatees way about one thousand pounds. That's the way to about twenty one second graders I love your show and I got have you Reggie.

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