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So RCA got a relative late start in the field of transistors and solid state electronics and semi-conductors because they had focused more on using vacuum tubes. In fact, in nineteen fifty RCA was the largest manufacturer of vacuum tubes in the world at that point. Now is the even built an experimental television with transistors as. As early as nineteen fifty two. But this was again, an experiment not meant as a consumer product in nineteen Fifty-three. An engineer named Cohen built a wrist radio that quickly got the nickname the dick, Tracy wrist radio. After the comic strip character, dick, Tracy who has an iconic wrist radio device that allows him to speak with his supervisor. Now RCA did not build this device. Cohen wasn't working for RCA. However Cohen did use some of our c- as transistors to help power and operate this device. So RCA actually got a nice boost in publicity because everyone was really excited about this risk radio. It seemed like the thing of the future of the gadget of the future and the late nineteen fifties RCA began to design and manufacture components for satellites. So this point solid state is ready to go, and they're now looking at creating a satellite technology, specifically they were looking at radio communications. Technology in satellites are CA started doing some preliminary research and development in nineteen fifty seven and they created a dedicated division for that purpose. And eventually, they call it. The RCA Astro electronics division actually got the official name in March nineteen fifty eight now in turn this particular division was under a larger department called the RCA defense electronic products because our C A was still very much in the business of designing components for defense systems for the military. They had been doing that since World War Two. The company's first satellite to launch successfully was called these signal communications by orbiting relay equipment or score is the acronym for that. And that entered into service on December eighteenth nineteen fifty eight RCA was kind of exploring the possibility of establishing a network of satellites for the purposes of global communications, and that would really. Begin in earnest in nineteen sixty two with another communication satellite called relay relay would relate communication signals between North America and Europe and between North America and South America, so quickly. It was theorized that with a an appropriate number of satellites in orbit. You can have global communications and just use the satellite surrealist signals until they got to wherever you needed them. Go the relay communications satellite also worked in conjunction with another satellite called the Centcom three and the two satellites together where able to provide live television coverage of the nineteen sixty four Olympics which were going on in Japan over to North America. So that was an amazing development being able to watch stuff live with only a a slight delay really as they were going out on.

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