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Join us as we talk college football from the national championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which converts is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as sees the big twelve the pac twelve. Acc and everything in between download the gmc college football podcast on i tunes stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere. You find god gas just tied diaz nc in the search bar off. Welcome back to the gmc soccer podcast. If you missed the last segment we went over the premier league's last two weeks while the opening two weeks of their season super exciting to have the best league in the world back. However now we're gonna be talking about the unbelievable edition of leona messy app. He s g. I mean it still feels like a dream to have the goat. Leona messy at my favorite club. Ps it doesn't even feel real. I know his star. His first start is probably going to be on the twenty nine Next social at next sunday absolutely excited to see him in those colors and and what he brings to this lineup. I mean already have been bobby in neymar. I mean people have already been singing. People would be lucky to have one of those guys you know any eighteen liverpool man city. They have one of those guys. They're calling in you know it's a huge boost to them. I mean if people would be going crazy. But we have all three on our roster and to be able to see messi neymar imbaba combining for what should be some magical magical football man it i bought. I bought a subscription to be able to watch those games. I hadn't done that in a while. And i because i just didn't want to pay those beans sports. You know fate res of fees just in. It's stupid money that that that goes around with that. In anyways i ended up paying for subscriptions can wash those games because there is absolutely no way i am missing leona messy playing for. Ps there's just no way and the amount of money the amount of followers like everything that is going psg's way. I know i know with a passion. Has people just burning up inside like they cannot believe that this you know oil funded company is just absolutely taking over the the soccer landscape because i mean not just i mean obviously like with messy it becomes. I don't know how you can't say that. This is the greatest transfer window of all time. I don't know how you can go against that. I know when we madrid. Br brought in dhaka Who was i think. Sergio ramos rinaldo. Like i forgot. There was one summer with real madrid that they signed a bunch of incredible players and yes that was another incredible transfer window but the potential that this one has bringing in i. One of the best young goalkeepers in the world in gianluigi donna ruma to play. Backup to keilor nagase. I mean he's gonna get looks. New novices already. Had some shaky times in his first three starts. So i know donahue was gonna get some time In league legal and of course probably in the champions league as well but then you also bring traffic keeney to play the right back position which has been a huge weakness for this team. I mean you could technically say both have. But i think when wonder not takes that leftback position is going to be locked up. You know the the entire back line is going to be in. Perfect symmetry with one burnett astronauts on the right and then you have a combination of compassion be and marquee martina. since sergio. romo's you you might even be able to put an end. Hakimi further up playing like left wing and right backs and put three centre backs and put him pembe sergio almost and martinez and we got to be a little bit more creative upfield like you. Because you're gonna wanna have neymar messy imbaba up there and so what you use d. mighty off the bench. Just look at how many incredible players they have and then the midfield even added to their midfield with georgina. Y now them. I mean one of the more respected midfielders in the world. A guy who has been doing you know pretty much. All the dirty work for liverpool is now with. Ps g. in combined with other great midfielders like what's his name With idrissa gana. Gay markle variety. The nilo parada. It's just it's so incredible to watch and even under herrera who's had a great start to the to the season in just three appearance. He's got one goal to assist already mugabe. of course doing his thing is. He's like the only star you know of those three that has played full-time and in his three matches one goal and three assists. So you know like he's showing you as playmaking as well which just goes to show how good he's gonna be alongside a messy just giving it back and forth th-they daca neymar pan. It just gets me all all excited inside. But i mean one thing i do feel like needs to be talked about. Is that goalkeeping. You know battle that we got going on here. I mean this is probably one of the b- i it's just tough to really say. I already saw report that said You know john. Gianluigi says i'm here to play already. You got some comments like that coming out which people been saying especially when the signing was i took. I took place that. If donna trump doesn't play there might be problems and you're already seeing some small signs of that. I'm not saying that there's already problems in the locker room. But i will be saying that there is something to look out for their a hundred percent and i'm totally okay with going with keilor novice. I know he's a lot older. He's thirty almost thirty five years. Old while dumas's twenty two. That's your that's your goalkeeper of the future. You want do nothing my here forever like forever you want. That's the guy you want here. You want to build that legacy here but keillor novices here. And what are you gonna do. Are you going to you know. Risk having a bad relationship with this young dynamite of goalkeeper. Or are you gonna stick with. The guy who's been playing with a super well has has been the best goalkeeper. We've had here in a long long time. You know what are you gonna do would say. It's that's that's the that's the moments where unhappy. I'm a fan in A journalist and don't have to make those kinds of decisions because that is one tough decision that portugal has to make their And so far. He's gone with navas and like i said i have not seen the best from him. We go to stats. He's got fifty eight point three. Save percentage no clean sheets in his in his three starts has allowed five goals in three starts so not the best from keilor navas. You need to see more of that you need. I mean less of that and more of the keilor notice that we've seen over the past two years if he doesn't wanna get replaced by donahue miles. Just the facts. Because i feel like you you put not out there. He's gonna ball out and is not gonna lose that spot killer novice will have like cup matches and that's it and then you know it might end poorly with navas. May who knows. Because i know the same exact thing to happen to them in real madrid when they brought in courtois and that was just awkward and then of course he came here but now it just it sucks but at least giving him the chance to you. Know to keep his spot. It would just be disrespectful to take them off and put do not remain there. You gotta let me taylor novice have a chance to you know to hold onto his spot and so forth you know. I mean the the perfect even though he has allowed that many goals. That's not a great sign. They have three wins in three games. Nine points very exactly the kind of story you wanna see but then you know you look at the defense and i absolutely love marquee news. I mean an excellent leader a guy that you can trust to be there in the big moments and make the plays that you need him to make..

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